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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

Originally Posted by popo93 View Post
Please provide me some solid evidence that they're all religious extremists, and this is suppsoed to be a mature discussion between "intelligent" beings, so don't laugh at people you disagree with.
Ok what do you think they are, you must surley admit that at least SOME of them are. Why would you want to KILL someone that just freed you from a harsh dictatorship is spending millions fixing YOUR country building hospitals giveing more than half of your population free healthcare, schools letting little girls go to school without geting f*cking stoned (whick btw is barbaric) schools and just generaly making life better for everyone. Now I know you are going to bring up O WELL WE KILL LOTS OF CIVILIANS, well thats kinda hard to avoid when Ackmed hides in hospitals! and behind CHILDREN! Or straps a bomb to his 11 year old! This tactic is called hugging, we drop leaflets before we bomb saying get out terrorists in your area or somthing like that, the terrorists love it when civilans die hell mostly all civilian deaths are from some idiot blowing himself up!
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