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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

Originally Posted by popo93 View Post
Both, terrorists only exist because we're pissing everyone off, stop pissing people off, you don't have enemies, go kill the people that are only against you because you pissed them off in the first place, you continue to make enemies until you are outnumbered and wiped off the map.

Hey, they only need half of that shit because we bombed it.
LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! o wow. You truely believe that these people (terrorists religious extreamists) hate us because we PISS THEM OFF what are we doing that pisses them off jesus man all the citizens are greeting us and high fiveing our soilders in Iraq right now, its only the terrorists and insurgents that shoot at us. If we our president thought like you do we would have WAYYYYYYYYYY more terrorist attacks and civilian deaths, if FDR thought like you do we would all be speaking german! The terrorists we are fighting DONT WANT PEACE, WE are infidels their little koran tells them to kill us, I already posted all those verses in another thread. Why don't you go over there and say we're sorry! please we want peace! they will f*cking cut your head off, we have offered them a ceasefire many times they decline. O yeah you have just joined the weak liberal tree hugging list sound familiar jk
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