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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

Both, terrorists only exist because we're pissing everyone off, stop pissing people off, you don't have enemies, go kill the people that are only against you because you pissed them off in the first place, you continue to make enemies until you are outnumbered and wiped off the map.

Originally Posted by Phantom2828 View Post
OMFG bush is accualy helping rebuild a country in desperate need and taking funds from us when we have more than enough moeny to support outselfs! So in other words the democrats want to stop supporting and helping better the lives of millions of Iraqis and spend it all on us? Bush is accualy building schools hospitals giveing health care, and alowing women and little girls to go outside without a veil instead of fearing being beaten to death. We america are just fine, are you dieing are YOU starving are you uneducated and never gone to school in your life NO. I cant beleive people would accualy use this infromation against bush. I didnt know you could be too kind too generous but according to dems you can.
Hey, they only need half of that shit because we bombed it.
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