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Ok anyone that is taking drugs on this board, should stop immediatly. They damage you in the long term and you could die as a result of their use.
I could die doing anything, cannabis really isn't that harmfull..

You should stop smoking marijuana because it causes cancer, can aggravate ashtma problems, cause cognitive problems and turn you into a zombie.
Cannabis does not cause cancer, if you smoke tobacco with your cannabis, then yes perhaps the cancer risk is slightly increased. Cannabis by itself does not cause cancer. I don't have asthma, and my friend who does and smokes cannabis is fine and I sure hope that 'zombie' remark was some unfunny joke.

If you do drugs you will be caught by the law, because drugs are bad. I have given up drugs completly, because i found out how dangerous drugs really can be.
Bullshit, millions of people use drugs and not all of them get caught! 'drugs are bad' oh dear, you sound like one of these government sponsered campaigns haha. Drugs if used safely, have minimal danger risk.

I know your not around, just thought I should pick apart this arguement.
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