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Default Re: School Shooting in Montreal

.....Nobody likes Quebec

It sad really but in all honesty its gonna happen
Colleges and Universitys for the most part have an open door policy
Which is one of the main reasons I lov'em
There will be multiple buildings on one campus all unlocked so anyone can come and go
you have identity cards and campus security but for the most part anyone can wander in
I've wandered into many
Its no diffrent then dorms really like the college my ister goes to has town houses for dorms the main houses automatically lock but the rooms are always left unlocked
In other colleges and Universitys where its like a BIG apartment building everyone i've been into the doors are left wide open

which means that theres no way to stop it really i mean short of installing bullet proof glass and blast doors having everything locked all the time and the place crawling with SWAT......personally i would NOT want that
I wanna go to a college not a prision
If that means that theres a 1 in a million chance some guys gonna shoot me
bring it the fuck on


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