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Default Re: School Shooting in Montreal

Thats so horrible.

"The gunman who went on a shooting spree at a Montreal college on Wednesday left an online journal with chilling comments and photos of himself brandishing a semi-automatic rifle.

One young woman was killed on Wednesday when a 25-year-old man opened fire at a downtown Montreal college. (Peter McCabe/Canadian Press) Kimveer Gill, who was identified by several publications as the man who shot dead a young woman and wounded 19 more, left behind a web diary at the website

Gill, 25, a resident of Laval, a community north of Montreal, arrived at the downtown school dressed entirely in black, wearing a trench coat and carrying an automatic gun when he opened fire.

Of the 19 people injured, at least five are in critical condition. Montreal police said the victims are all in their early 20s.

According to published reports, the dead student was an 18-year-old resident of Montreal. Police have not yet released her name.

In his profile on, a website devoted to goth culture, Gill calls himself "Trench," saying: "You will come to know him as the Angel of Death."

"Work sucks… School sucks… Life sucks… What else can I say," he writes. "Metal and Goth kick ass. Life is like a video game, you gotta die sometime."

A photo gallery that accompanies the profile includes photos that show Gill brandishing a Barretta CX4 Storm semi-automatic rifle. In the last seven photos, he is wearing a black trench coat and holding the rifle. The caption below the last photo reads: "Ready for Action."

Dawson College, where the shooting occurred, is closed until Monday.

Students ran into the streets of Montreal on Wednesday right after the shooting rampage began. Police killed the gunman after an exchange of gunfire.

Dawson is a junior college with about 7,000 students. Students attend the college after Grade 11 because there is no Grade 12 in Quebec. Students at the college are usually enrolled in a two-year pre-university program or a three-year technical program.

The investigation into the shooting has been turned over to the Quebec provincial police because their officers were the ones who shot the gunman. Police have searched Gill's apartment."

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