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Helping Citizens with Job Training

$60 million for demobilizing and job
training for 130,000 enemy combatants.
$353 million for American-Iraqi Enterprise
Fund and job training

23.8 percent cut ($316 million) in
vocational education, despite President’s
promise to create “Jobs for the 21st
Century” program
$151 million cut in adult training,
dislocated worker activities, employment
service state grants, and grants to states for
reemployment services

Providing Access to Higher Education

$20 million for Higher Education and
Development (HEAD) projects, creating
US-IraqiUniversity partnerships to expand
access to higher education for all Iraqis

60.3 percent cut ($101 million) for
Perkins Loans, and $327 million cut in
Pell Grants, closing the door to higher
education opportunities for millions of
lower income students

Expanding Literacy

$40 million for building 275 schools and
training 10,000 teachers

$8 million cut for reading programs from
Department of Education

Providing Children with Basic Skills

USAID Accelerated Learning Program
provides intensive personal education to
low income and at risk Iraqi children

2.5 percent ($177 million) funding for
Head Start by 2006, even though head Start
currently can only serve 13.5 % of eligible
children because of funding restrictions

Has this administration forgotten about us? I mean, really. Has it?

Let’s look at some good things we have done in Iraq!

$850 million for rebuilding hospitals and
150 clinics; replacement of medical
equipment; and providing basic health
care to more than half Iraq’s population
$3.557 billion for water and sewage
services repair and improvement
$153 million for solid waste management
$775 million for water resources
$875 million for irrigation and wetlands
$2.83 billion for safe drinking water
$470 million for the construction of
housing and public buildings for Iraqi

Let’s look at some…….things we have done in America!

8.5 percent cut over five years to Veterans
Administration health care services, forcing
likely cuts in medical services and possible
VA hospital closures
36.7 percent cut ($500 million) to Clean
Water State Revolving Funds, which
provides loans for improving wastewater
treatment facilities
14.7 percent cut ($23.9 billion) from 2005
to 2009 in all discretionary funding for
environmental protection programs
Elimination of HOPE VI Program
$28 million cut in public housing
$791 million cut in Section 8 Vouchers,
forcing 250,000 families from private
housing back into public housing or
For America could you please show what the cut reduced it to as the total and source for info? Thanx.
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