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I know what you mean... I'm feeling like that right now...
I live in italy... and my mom just started working... but before, it was all worst... my brother started stealing for these stupid yugioh cards. So one day we figured out he was the one stealing, and my stepfather, who is married with my mom (he used to be nice) got so mad, he didn't even speak to us for weeks... NOW we are a little starting to talk, but things are verry different.. well, all he cares now is about the money me and my brother spend (because, well, live here in italy isnt be best) and stuff... he used to be so nice with us... but now, we barely talk, and its just so not cool.. and i fear that my mom and he will split just because of my brother... they love each other, but anyone here at home stands him... hes just an asshole.

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