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Default Re: communism(discuss)

Communism can't won't and hasn't ever worked, and its becuse humans are flawed.

Communism is great in theory, and only in theory, and i will explain why.

Like everything in nature, humans are neither good nor bad, they are both. But through what we experience and how we are, we decide what to do.

the MAIN point of this post is to establish ONE THING, and that is
>---human require motivation to what ever they do---<

-some ppl are born motivated, in a way, and will contribute cuz they want to (which is their motivation)
-the other 99% id say (I just made these #'s up BTW) of ppl need external motivation to do what they do

Perfect example right here.
>>>>-You are given an assignment to do a paper on what ever you want for school, it must be 2 pages-<<<<
1. The paper is graded as usual, if it is late u get marked down, if it is bad u get marked down, if it is incomplete you get marked down.
-most ppl will do the paper and turn it in so that they will eventualy get a passing grade (hopfully a good one)
2. The paper is mandatory but has no requirement in content only length and a due date.
-most kids will turn in a sheet w/ their name on it and like a sentence about their topic, and then the letter "a" for 2 pages (aaaaaaaaaaaaa) for full credit
3. A paper is assigned, but won't be graded, looked over or aything at all
-no one (cept the teachers pet) will do the assignment

This is true for government and ppls real live to.

In capitalism the ideal, and the general reality (w/ exceptions such as inheritance) is that if u work you get money, if ur a good worker u get more money for your work. Money motivates, plain and simple, and as u can see in america today it does alot of motivating.

By no means am i trying to say that money is purely good, it is like humans both good and bad. This is because money motivates things like robery, illegal bussiness practice, and general greed.

Capitalism is a system that can work in the real world and if used correctly can actualy work, and thats not to say it is pure good either.

Let me list some bad things about your idea of communist anarchy:
-there is no motivation to work hard other that keeping yourself alive, thus society will never advance.
-there is no one to provide things to ppl that they alone can't make/must be hughly organized and specialized. These things are things like: roads, communications (internet, phones), some means of defence, some way to maintain law and order, emergency relief, hospitals, fire department,and others.
-what will we do with mentaly disabled ppl?
-what will we do w/ criminals?
-what happens if some one makes some kind of make shift money? (as they inevitably will) how will they be stoped?
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