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Default Re: The war in Iraq(debate)

It's bullshit, no, he's a dumbass.

The original reason for going to war was the suspicion that they had WMD, we never found any. Then they said because of 9/11, but Saddam didn't have anything to do with it. We can't fight the terrorists, we can't tell who they are, it's like in Vietnam, they sent children armed with grenades, the soldiers wouldn't know they had them until it was too late.

We can't remain there, as long as we're killing people and pissing them off, there will always be more enemies. We're just needlessly killing, we need to pull out and let them deal with their own problems, and stop giving arms to Israel. By removing Saddam we further destabilized the region, now Iran, Syria, And Lebanon are free to trade arms through Iraq.

He isn't really in charge, he's a puppet, cheney and the lobbyists are controlling everything. Bush is like a robot programmed to say "terrah", "terrahists", "nucular weapons", "war on terrah", 9/11, national security, bomb, and airport as many times as possible to scare the living shit out of us so we can keep fighting, so Bush, Cheney, the other politicians, and the corporations get as much money as possible. He has wasted a shitload of money, and is going to be remembered as the worst president in history.
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