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Default Re: Don't take drugs!

Marijuana is actually healthy in small amounts, although, when smoked, like anything else, has adverse health effects over time, but luckily, you can make space cake and special brownies! The hemp plant is also useful for making clothing, rope, handbags, and paper, and it grows quickly and anywhere, so is a great alternative to tree paper because it is a renewable resource.

Originally Posted by Shaolin View Post
If you do drugs you will be caught by the law, because drugs are bad.
To quote Mr.Mackey from South Park, "Drugs are bad, mmkay? You shouldn't do drugs, cuz drugs are bad, mmkay? like they make you stupid, mmkay? So don't do drugs, cuz drugs are bad, mmkay?"

Hmm, do you have anything to back anything in your initial post?

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