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Angry Re: questions

ughhh, im so angry rite now, im just reli frustraited, why does he control me like that? why does he have to trn everything into being about him?, hes not the only one hurting, i am too, but no1 seems to care enough to think past me just being a moody cow, well soory but tbh, i dont give a toss anymore, i cant go on pretending to b happy when im not, im sick of putting this mask on everyday acting happy for everyone, so they think everything in my life is fine, its always bn fine and always will, no 1 suspects anything badto have happened in my pathetic little sheltered life do they, coz im sheltered, i dont no anything im just sme stupid bimbo, thats oblivious to anyreal pain, god that drives me crazy when ppl think im like that, i just wanna scream at them, i no what pain is, unfortunalty, i wish i didnt, you try being abused by so many ppl, that u should b able to trust, then let the one person u finally do trust, u let them bcome manipualtive and try to control everything about you, this isnt a good expleantion of either how im feeling or whats appened to me, but im icreadbly angry and im v tired, so sorry if this dnt make sence, ill cme back and fix it when im not so tired, cya xxx
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