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Have you ever looked in the mirror,
and saw someone besides yourself?
Saw a completely different person?
A person who pretends?
A person who's a myth?
A person who's invented
to hide what's deep inside?

Did this person,
this myth,
this lie,
have your name, face and smile?
Did this person know you?
Inside and out?
Your feelings,
your thoughts,
and your deepest desires?

Did this person confuse you?
Make you wonder the truth?
Did you not really know
if this person was you?

Did you not really know
who you were anymore?
Did you search for the answer
right down to your core?

Then did you realize
you created this myth?
You created this lie
to hide that you cry?
Did you then shed a tear,
for fear,
that this person,
might one day,
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