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Default Re: The War on Terror

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Yeah I know about the separate sects of muslims and your point is? You see what I mean you have absolutly nothing to support your argument you just try to pick apart our arguments (whichs fails all the time) LOL I could call you a fanatic by those conditions too and BTW I listen to your arguments and read them all you are just plain wrong its not a POV issue. If I said that dogs cant fly and you say they can you are WRONG its not a POV thing. One day I hope you will open your eyes and learn somthing about this conflict.
Dude, the different sects of Islam have different rules, you are backing your arguments with nothing but insults.

Oh, we're not saying that the government of Iran is good, we're saying it's no worse than ours. The people of Iran people are not all bad.

And so we ignore the beggar's cup
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