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Default Re: The War on Terror(discuss)

Originally Posted by popo93 View Post
I'm not evenm gonna waste my time with you if you're just gonna call everything I say false.
Because it mostly all is.

"Our fascist government is just scaring us so we think this stupid war is justified, do you realize that if they wanted to hijack a plane, all they would ahev to do is slip a bomb into the argo hold disguised as a briefcase, and modify a portable game system to be used as a triggering device? That's much easier than hiding fucking nitro glycerin in a water bottle."

LOL what a load of shit ^this is what I am talking about. How can you even be so uninformed to even begin to call the american goverment fascist I doubt you even know what that means. Why dont you go to Iran and demontrate your FREE SPEACH as I can see you like to spew and spew some BS at ayahtolla huh watch how fast you get tortured and executed. Why dont you go over there and try to stand up LOL, Or be homosexual you get hung. O yeah and metal detectors they have a purpose ^
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