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Default Re: Bush's 9/11 Address

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
LOLOLOLOL!!! makod you are not even trying no offense but you seem incredibly stupied, where please point out where in that did I say I wanted to kill everyone in the middle east and destroy the whole area, you FAIL
You said it when you said that everyone in Iran wants "Death to America!" "kill the infidels!" By what you've been saying they are terrorists then. And you've said we should kill all the terrorists...

Also, insulting people and calling people who dissagree with you
Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
incredibly stupied
(by the way you mispelled stupid) will get you nowhere in any discussion.

And so we ignore the beggar's cup
Praise your act in the Grand Finale
Teach the unborn the winners sign
a welcome grin to the world Royal

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