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Default Re: The War on Terror(discuss)

It's all about your point of view, it's a matter of it being credible or not. If more people fidn one point of view credible, it is considered true and the other point of view false, although that doesn't mean the people are right, they just like that idea better.

whiser, the Nazis only became so powerful because we kept supplying them arms in the first place, and guess what, a lot of corporations made money off of that war too, IBM made the coding system for the camps, Fanta was created by the Coca Cola company to sell to the Nazis. everything about that war was profitable for our country, we weren't needed to stop them. The terrorists wouldn't even want to kill us if we weren't greedy fucks policing the world for money, if I lived in Iraq, I would be trying to hurt this country too. So would you, all of you would, because America is a big fat asshole run by greedy corporations. You have no proof whatsoever that peace can't solve anything because never in history has anyone bothered with diplomatics and peaceful meetings, we go straight to fucking them up the ass with bombs and bullets.

Also, it hasn't ended fascism, guess what country is fascist?
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