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Default Re: Bush's 9/11 Address

Originally Posted by popo93 View Post
Wow, that link was so full of shit.

People let's not flame each other, and try to act like somewhat intelligent beings, k? I know you're all passionate in your beliefs, but you can't force someone to belive what you do, because then you're a fascist too. this is supposed to be a friendly discussion where we put out our ideas and some facts and let people decide for themselves, not "you're a dumbfuck because you dont think exactly the same way i do wahhhhhhhhhhhh stupid fuck!!!!!!!! "
What I never called you a dumbfuck, I am trying to be friendly but I get pissed off at some peoples complete stupiedity.

let me be the first to say what an asshole you are *PUBICLLY WARNED* I want you to know, that if you cant be nice, I won't have a choice but to request you be banned. you have one warning left. choose what you say wisley. I'm watching...allways watching. ~ kolte

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