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Default Re: Bush's 9/11 Address

Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
Ok I shall simply say these things

If something like this happens ask yourself who had the motive who had the equipment and who gained from it?

Well let me answer, USA has the equipment. USA gained from it no one else realy. And who had the motive? Well if youd read who gains the USA!

Also something random the thing that you can only buy it from the cart thats a business treat to the airline companies

Iraq well.. If 19 ppl make war on the whole world while flying themselves to death what logic does that give to attack Iraq? And doesnt it seem a bit odd to you that the plane that was going to hit the you know what house was stopped while Pentagon was hit in the only sector which was DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND SUCH AN ATTACK and surten evidence suggest that a Boeing didnt even fly in the pentagon. I could speak a bit more of facts but I will simply say this to the summary

Leaders are either 2 things they are manipulated by people who dont want to be known leaders or they are the manipulators who manipulate their ppl, who manipulate the text in a book for example and so on you can manipulate anything if it affects a human being.
You do know that in one of bush's speaks he said that Iraq didnt have anything to do with 9/11 and we went for various reasons read this please
now please stop with the completly false statments.
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