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When I was going to my first psycologist I saw him for four appointments an hour long each and never said a word i wouldnt even look him in the eye...I couldnt
I tried to talk just...couldnt
halfway through the fith visit i pulled up a sleeve on my hoody really slowlyit felt like my arm weighted a thousand pounds and my sleeve was anchored I just stared at the floor

I remember he held my arm so gently and just talked to me
so i started whispering back
he was straining really hard to hear but he never told me to talk louder cause he knew i'd get scared and shut up

point is
it took me along time to be able to do it
I felt allot better afterwards
I was even smiling when I left

If I was you i'd tell her
i know its hard
but you'll feel allot better when you do
If you couldnt last time thats okay it took me 4 tries

In Canada anyway if your under 17 they will tell your parents or someone else if your harming yourself or are being harmed its there obligation to step in and try to help you

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