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Default Re: The War on Terror(discuss)

wow an ass comment whatever shall I do -shivvers-

Oh thats right because it was flower power that seperated america from the empire, that ended slavery, that stopped the nazis, that froze communism in its tracks

popo...your so...young
the innocence, its so cute

Some wars are necessary
its a fact of life
I'm not saying they should be takin lightly or entered to on a whim there a LAST resort
But I'm a solider at heart I have no problem fighting for my freedom for my family
to protect from attacks
If a real war happens again
If Canada or its allies are threatened
I'll enlist without a second though

I find it funny how everyones bitching about this now but on September 11th 2001 when Bush said this wasent just a trajic act it was an act of war nobody was screaming flower power nobody was saying well maybe we just need to help them and they'll be nice
you bitch and bitch and bitch about it now but when push comes to shove u love having the most powerful military on the planet who the hell wouldnt! i mean honestly

(sorry its big no time to resize) this dosent include the failed attempts like United 93 or the Toronto bombing

They've been killing civilians in terrorist attacks for decades
they stone rape beat and torture women without a second thought
and the western world is sick of it
so NATO is kicking there ass

I really do feel sorry for Bush
EVERYBODY is blaiming EVERYTHING on him
nobody bothers to use there head and realise that the american government and at the begining the american people as a whole were behind him
along with all NATO member countries

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