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thank you so much for the replys, the counsellor was in today, and although i was all up for talking to her yesterday, i totally freaked today, started worrying about it last nite and all this morning, like what to say what not to say, when i should say it, if id like her, ect so basically i totally chickened out and left b4 i talked to her, now my bf has moved back out of my house, coz my sister told him i wanted him gone, and to hurt me more he believes her, even tho he knows she lies, shes said to my tutor b4 that ive run away frm home, and told her tutor that i hit her, and told my rent that ive bn bunking school which got me grounded for a month, i cant beleve for one she saidit, if she did and 2 that he believes her, hes just turned it all around again so that his mum making him leave mine to go back home is my fault, its not bloody fair, what have i done for all this to happen, im never gunna escape am i, i hat this fcuking life i have
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