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Default Re: Have any of you ever been cheated on with 1 of your best friends?

Originally Posted by Makod
Yeah thats what i meant in the first place, teens normally don't know what they want out of "love."
Well... I'm pretty sure I ask someone out if I really love them... I just don't look at her ass, and her curves and say "DAMN look at that, I'm going to ask her out"
Hell no! To me, a girlfriend has to be someone I care about, someone I love more than anyone else, someone I can't take out of my head no matter how, someone I can talk with, if I have problems, and I can trust them... I can keep going on and on, but thats enough...
Most teenagers do look physically at girls... others don't! In america I had this girlfriend, who wasn't the big thing (other people would be like "Miguel, how are you going out with THAT girl??" or like "She's so damn ugly" but I didn't give a shit...), I mean, to me she was really cute, and beautiful, but why? because she was my girl. I couln't stop thinking about her, I could spend hours worrying about this little damn detail... then writing her notes, and songs... same was with other girlfriends, but this was the most passionate I ever had... of course we split because, well, I could feel she wasn't really in love with me... it did hurt, but hey, what can I do? lat thing I want its hurt me more than ever, for example cheating on me... well so I just let her go...

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