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wiip January 28th, 2011 08:52 PM

I amn't sure...
So I have some symptoms of OCD- do you get weak cases?

I think I might have weak OCD. I like numbers to be right, things to be neat, and certain things to be a certain way.

Numbers: I don't panic if numbers are wrong, but I feel out of balance. My good numbers are strange. 1 is sometimes good: simple. Often it doesn't count because iwhatever it is, it's alone, and not a number. 2 is nice and balanced, but three is better. Three is perfect. I love three. But if I take three steps, two on my left foot, I feel weird. Right must have priority. Symmetry is also good: three boxes go in a triangle; rotational symmetry. Triangles are good. four is a bit dodgy; it's double two, which makes it good, but it itself is a bit unsafe. It sounds like the chinese word for death, so I think it is cool, suave, and ultimate. But it's a bit too balanced, almost. add one to make five, and it's better. Five is a good number. Multiples of five are good, as are multiples of two plus one. I especially love 27 and 37 (more so the former than the latter). 42 is good, but that's Douglas Adam's fault (less feeling there, more memory). 100 is weird. It has a techno feel to it. Nothing large and bulky, like oranges, is relevant in hundreds. They can be broken down to boxes or crates or lorryloads or whatever. high numbers are weird... they're mathematical.

Right is better than left.

I need things to be seen. The most common example of this is when I'm at school, at my desk. I'll have a textbook, a jotter, a sheet and my pencil case. Pencil case goes in the corner of the table; anywhere else is stupid. Textbook in opposite corner, but is moved closer, and over the pencil case, when used. Jotters go in front of me in line with the table, but at an angle in maths. They all end up at an angle when I use them (when I open them I turn them), and the textbook follows. The sheet must never obscure the exercise I'm doing in the textbook, or the space I'm using in the jotter. I don't know what'll happen if it does, but I always move it to a space, even if it takes five minutes to engineer it being off while on the table. Must be done, so it is.

I like other random things to be a certain way; little things. Exempli gratia: phone volume is 14, 12, 10, 8, 4, 2 or 0. 14 is the maximum. earphone volume is minimum, maximum, or bang on centre. no silly half way nonsense.

I don't mind cleanliness; tbh I'm a disgusting pig. I am a slight messy eater (there's always one patch of food on the white shirt. Just one), I always forget to clean my teeth, and I even often forget to wash my hands at the sink after using the toilet. Disgusting, I know.

I'm a grammar nazi, but I mentally believe language should warp as people speak it, for progress. I still f*c**ng correct people, though! >:(

Here's the big one: recently, when doing revision in my room, my desk was a mess, and suddenly, I couldn't take it. It was bad and wrong, and I couldn't breath. All sounded like typical OCD symptoms, it was so weird... I've never had something like that before. I spent about an hour tidying my desk, although most of the paper was relocated to a drawer or folder en masse, to be more neatly organised later. If I am OCD, I'm still a procrastinator...

Quahog January 28th, 2011 08:55 PM

Re: I amn't sure...
You're going to have to speak with a professional or a counselor to know for sure. In my opinion, you seem to have some of the symptoms, but the only way to find out, is to see a doctor. He/she will tell you if you have it.

We all have certain moments in which we do things that resemble OCD symptoms, but it doesn't necessarily mean that we have it. But if you think you have OCD I would talk to a counselor.

Syvelocin January 28th, 2011 09:00 PM

Re: I amn't sure...
Weak OCD is technically a thing, but like Jesse said, everyone has OCD moments (and teens this generation seem to think it's more of a stereotype thing, like "blond moments." They've been blowing it completely out of proportion with their intolerance to things that are not going their way, something that doesn't have to be anxiety-related).

If it's weak, you don't really have to go through the effort of getting a professional to talk to. OCD is pretty tolerable unless it's a more severe case, where it disrupts life. That's when you'll want to get a diagnosis and get on some anxiety meds.

If you really want to know though, find a professional to talk to.

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