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Sora131500 December 6th, 2010 07:15 PM

Me and OCD
I was diagnosed with a minor case of OCD when I was little. It isnt very bad and you cant tell I have it unless Im stressed out. I don't like odd numbers except 5(Maybe) and 7(definately) I hate 6 though, thats the only even number. When Im eating something it has be even no matter what. This sort of bugs my mom. When Im eating something like cereal I sometimes think of everything to make it even, like: 1)cereal 2)milk 3)spoon 4)bowl = even which is good. And if its not even then i count my hand or something. I just "know" its even so i dont bother counting much anymore. When Im very stressed out I have to make everything even out like if my shoulder touches this then my other shoulder has to. When Im watching T.V and im laying down I have to make it to were I cant see my feet(Not sure if this is an OCD symptom or not, but Ill post it anyways lol) Thats about all I can think about right now.


Syvelocin December 6th, 2010 10:00 PM

Re: Me and OCD
I'm severe OCD ^_^ I annoy people sometimes. For instance, partners in school projects will either love me or will want to kill me by the end of the project. For instance, I was writing a screenplay with someone, and their formatting was all wrong. They were getting the margins incorrect. The margin for a character name is 3.7 inches, NOT 3.5 inches, and then the dialog is 2.5 inches. That's the example where he wanted to kill me by the end of the project. However, I had one where we were making a time line, and I had to divide the paper into sections proportional to the time periods they represented. I was helpful with that one.

I get the numbers too. I don't like even numbers themselves (I think that has something to do with my synesthesia though) but divisible is nice. It all depends. I like odd numbers because there's one in the middle, like three is the middle of five, and there are two numbers before three, and two numbers after three.

There just HAS to be the right number of ice cubes in my glass. It's always the second digit of my age. Though if it's a smaller cup, I can usually get by with four because it's half of eight and... works, you know.

I could go on with lists and lists of those little things :P I know how it is, and if you ever want to talk to a fellow OCD, you can always do so :)

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