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PowerShift April 7th, 2010 12:21 AM

Bullying: your worst stories
I used to go to a very poorly monitored pre school. There the older kids would pick on me every day. At recess, a big group of kids would always walk over to where I was playing. They always beat me up. The worst memory I have is when they forced me onto a tractor playset thing and then they pushed me down and held me in place. Then, a really over weight kid started jumping up and down on my back. I cried, it just hurt so bad. Imagine a ninth grader (this was also a daycare) jumping up and down on a screaming four year old while his buddies cheer him on and the teacher with relationship problems just sits there and pretends like everything is okay.
Anyways, that story leads me to today's topic: your worst bully encounters. Tell me about your most painful/tramatizing face off with a bully(s).

Malcolm Tucker April 9th, 2010 02:25 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
I would have to say that all of my bullying experiences have been tormenting, and painful. I've grown up with it, even since my first day of school at age 4, I was excluded and bullied. It's really hard to nominate the worst incident, but I would have to say it was in April 2008. I was sitting in Science class, and our teacher was called out on an emergency. A bully came from behind, sneaked up behind me and hit me across the back of my head, rather forcefully, and it was recorded on a mobile phone, and then passed around. It destroyed me inside. It optimized my depression at that time, and ultimately led to me attempting suicide. It was the only time I've ever reported it to a school official and it resulted in that student being expelled.

That would be my worst experience with bullying I'd say.

Obscene Eyedeas April 9th, 2010 02:43 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
Bullying. well my worst comes from at home. i used to be terrified to come home from primary school my sister was and is evil. on this particular evening i was 7 or 8 i can't remember which and i arrived home from school. she was waiting. i had done nothing to provoke her. she started screaming at me accusing me of acting scared i was cornered and crying and pressing into the corner as much as physically possible. she dragged me by my hair to my room, i was kicking and begging for her to leg go. i tried to run away after that and got up the road but she caught me and dragged my bare legs across gravel (uniform was a skirt) until we got home. she was the biggest bully ever verbal and physical abuse for years

Malcolm Tucker April 9th, 2010 04:39 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
Oh, I have one more story. When I was 13 waiting for the bus home, these two 17 year olds from school made me graffiti a bus shelter, and the sprayed deoderant on me and threatened to go at me with a lighter. The same kids also shot at me with a pellet gun one day outside school, threw my bag out on a road under a bus, and left me a nice voicemail message saying "You're well gay you're getting the bullet!"

Frankenstein's Bride April 9th, 2010 05:35 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
This isn't really bullying but i might as well contribute. There was about a year or so at school when me and my friends got picked on because we were goths. We got glass bottles, coins and rubbish thrown at us about three times a week or we'd get slapped or pushed about. We got at least ten verbal assaults from complete strangers daily. It's not so bad now, only a few insults weekly now but at the time it didn't do wonders for my self confidence.

1_21Guns April 9th, 2010 06:11 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
Mine was never as severe as the ones above, not that I can remember anyway.
But my ex-best friend had a lovely habit of pushing me over and tripping me up on the school playground.
I had to lie to my mum, saying I just fell because if my dad knew I was being bullied he'd call me weak.
Because of that my mum and dad stopped letting me do alot of things incase I hurt myself.
Him and his friends would also freely throw verbal abuse at me about my appearance just because they could. Really knocked my confidence.

georgiamay April 11th, 2010 02:39 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
wow i cant decide what my worst one was :/

the worst physical one, i was 11 walking home from school, and a group of 16 year olds walked past and they started calling me names and saying how ugly i was, and that i should just go and kill myself because thats what everyone wanted me to do (this was my first day at school, and i'd never met anyone at this school before) and when i told them to leave me alone, they dragged me into a part by the side of the road and started having a go at me for being lary. one of them slapped me in the face, so i hit them and tried to run off, but the others dragged me back and held me against a tree while the other hit me. not in the face, in the stomach and some other places, and laughed when they kicked me between my legs and i started to cry. luckily some 14 year olds helped me get out of there.

worst emotional one, i was 13 in a german lesson, and someone had noticed that i had a bandage around my wrist, and i said i had a bad wrist, but they were all like "then how can you lean on it then?" so someone ripped it off and they all saw the cuts and burns. They wouldnt stop laughing, and the whole class was pointing and laughing shouting "what an emo! she slits her wrists!" and i just sat there, as i covered up my arm, and they started singing, "shut up and slit slit your wrists until you bleed out and die, that way we wont need to look at your face anymore."

aleexax3 April 11th, 2010 03:05 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
welllll i never got bulllied but i seen other kids like this girl that noone likes in our schoool we call her a bird and she got kicked out for saying im gunnnnna beat everyone up in this school and saying foul language

Aceso April 11th, 2010 06:25 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
Ugh, story of my life.

I started out in a nice primary school, with nice friends and a happy, stable life. My mom worked there and because i had been recently diagnosed with diabetes this was vey convienient. My friends were great too, i mean one was a little funny and we did have our fall outs but all in all everything was great.
But as i gew older i wanted space and with mom as a teacher there it just diddnt work. So in year 4, she agreed to move me to a different small primary school. I went to see it, liked it and everything was fixed for me to go there in the new school year. I really enjoyed it and had a great friend (lets call her girl 1), but because it was so small there went many people. I really wanted to be like my old school, in a group of girls but this is where things went wong. They diddnt want me in their group, so i spent (of what i recall) half the year tagging behind them. Oh, now i look back i notice how foolish i was. I was completely oblivious to the fact that they bitched about me behind my back. I just followed them around hoping they would invite me in.
Along with that there was one boy who was very big, very manipulative and had a mean streak. He would often make nasty comments about me and i just diddnt get it? I also emember him trying to look down at me, making himself bigger. And i was fiesty, i thew back his attacks, only to get laughed at. I remember one day in playing a game of bulldog him grabbing my arm and me kicking him. He grabbed my leg and in balance i grabbed his arms, sticking my nails into his arms forcing him to let go. I was really pissed off and completely lost it, saying things i shouldnt have said then breaking down into tears knowing everyone was laughing at me. But, afte that he left me alone, so it seems.
Next year and a new stat. Ill cut a long stoy short. emembe girl 1? well, we were running and i stopped, and she fell over me, hurting her wrist. she then got mad at me so i ignored her. She got mad at me even more. This is the stating of my hell.
I walked into school one moning and immediatly got bombarded by shouts and yells from my classmates. It turns out she had been recieving abusive texts from me e.g: go kill yourself you annorexic bitch! I would never do that to anyone, ever! The rest of the day all i got from everyone was dirty looks and nasty comments. I texted her this evening asking if we should contact the polece after she had texted me a message from what i had apparently sent her. she diddnt reply.
The next day i walked into class and she walked up to me. I remember every word of what she said right then.
''Hannah, you diddnt get the cops did you? was kind of a joke...'' Bloody great joke that was, and the fools was on me. I was really mad and told my mom. My mum was upset too, and allthough is screamed and cried at her she spoke to the teachers. The teachers spoke to her, she told the others and that was it. I spent the rest of the year alone, without a friend at all and everyone hating me.

Next was highschool - another new start. I wasnt going to fuck things up this time. But things went wrong. I had to take more and more time off school because my diabetes just got worse. I diddnt fit in yet again. Then, 1/4 way through my second year there i was doing homework, and two boys i diddnt even know started completely shreading me to pieces.
''Oh look theres hannah and her illness, but everybody knows she just does it for attention.''
''did you see her hair this morning? I thought schools diddnt accept tramps!''
I broke down again, and allthough i tried to ignore them, i spend half a yea being cornered by six girls and eight boys, constantly attacking me with comments and words designed to cut me down. I always fought back.
But the stress was too much. My diabetes was so hectic I just woke up one morning and felt sick, blacking out and then in hospital for a week. By now i was really depressed. everything i said or did was wrong. That year i cut myself twice. When i went back to school i lost it with the main bully. Somehow, he had seen and by the next moning it was all aound the school. Luckily i hadnt actually done my wrists so when i showed them my clea wrists they accepted it. But at break i walked up to the boy and screamed my heart out. I was shaking with anger and i cant emember what i said but i remember walking away and him close to tears.
I talked with mom, and a few months after this she decided that she could home tutor me. And thats where i am now. Away from that hell. I have to go back when im 15, but for now im safe...

Asylum April 11th, 2010 11:09 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
i was 4, my friend and i were playng on a playground. my mom hears me crying. the girl is on top of me, scratching my face and arms, and choking me. i can't breathe. my mom hears a weird noise, that would be coming from me, because i'm crying, and since i'm not breathing, i made a weired noise. she comes around and sees me on the ground. she picks the girl up, had to pry her off of me. i had to go to the hospital because my eyes were bleeding and i had scratches al over and i had trouble breathing. doctor said that my eyes were bleeding from either 1 lack of oxygen coming into my body or 2 she scratced my eyes. bullying... thats an everyday thing for me, even at a young age. i think that was one of the worst thigns that has ever happened to me...

worst emotional one, was by my mother she was screaming and cursing at me for being late... and then told me to go cut myself... i'm sort of used to being screamed and cursed at, its a daily thing... but the just go cut yourself comment killed me... it was the wrost coming from my mom...

Nickk XD April 11th, 2010 11:45 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
People can be such dicks sometimes.

I stop them while they're ahead, so I barely have ever been bullied.

Once I was actually bullied by a 1st grade we were sitting in circle group (the class sat as a circle...duh) and the teacher claimed I grabbed a kids privates...which I didn't...and I still deny doing it...I mean what 1st grader thinks about that stuff...she wrote me a blue slip, which is a 1 week suspension...

Then I got held back in her class...even though I had all perfect grades. In California, you cannot fight getting held is at the teacher's discretion.

Mike321 April 12th, 2010 02:34 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
Bulling for me started in year 4 or primary school, it was very rare that it got physical, only on a couple of occasions (being hit in the stomach etc).
It was mainly name calling being call fat constantly or just being left out in games or if we played football. Hence why I spent most of my time wondering around the edges of the playground. This went on untill I left in year 6 and moved on to high school where I was bullied yet again for being overweight and kept being left out.
Then when I had been self harming in year 10 people found out and I was told to stay away from our 'group' and it got spread round the school. So again i spent most of my lunch times on my own.
And one final bit of tormnet I got when on from year 9 untill I left at the end of year 11 by the same person.
He was determind to make sure I could never find a gril or just be happy, he knocked my confidence right back ( and i'm a shy person anyway). Everytime I got close to someone he would start rumors about me and it spread quickly (as it does in most shcools). He even wrote a list of what he thought was wrong with me, like physical appearence and things I needed to change about myself.
Its only now (i'm in my second year at college) to get some of my confidence back and I have found a good group of friends what actually accept me.

misery_business April 12th, 2010 02:51 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
the worst case of bullying ive been through was a few weeks ago, these girls i really hate and they really hate me started following me around then when i was going back home and barely nobody was around the pushed me up against the wall and they took out a pair of scisors and pretent to cut their wrists. That day I really felt like i could kill them -mostly because im really sensitive about my sef harm - but then the worst part was, thy started a rumor about me and everyone kept asking if it was true and some people even belive it and they don't talk to me or come near me. There are still a few people who keep asking me and it still dameges my comfidenc each time. i guess theres nothing i can do :(

Cromm April 12th, 2010 04:15 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories

Originally Posted by aleexax3 (Post 849532)
welllll i never got bulllied but i seen other kids like this girl that noone likes in our schoool we call her a bird ...

So, your'e the bully then? If 'we' includes you.


Originally Posted by aleexax3 (Post 849532)
...and she got kicked out for saying im gunnnnna beat everyone up in this school and saying foul language

Thank you post-columbine America. In this world, when a victim acts out, they are the ones who are punished.

I remember in grade school getting put in a "life lessons" class (which is social worker talk for anger management). I was put in the class with most of the people who were bullying me! They apparently thought I had anger promblems because I would actually punch back when some dumbass desided to try and jump me behind the portables (where teachers couldn't see you).

You know... I thought I had it rough as a kid -- there were always a lot of other kids teasing and taunting me -- but this board frequently reminds me how much worse it could have been.

I extend my empathy to all of you who were ever the victims of these types of people, and remind EVERYONE: bulliing only happens when you let it happen! Even when you're not the bully, if you see something bad happening and say nothing, you're part of the problem.

tommyboy April 23rd, 2010 11:49 AM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
I can't remember the worst bullying ever, but this was probably the worst incident ever.

Now I don't mean to cause a dispute, but I feel that being emotionally hurt is actually much worse than being physically hurt. It all started back in March 25th, 2005.... Yes, I remember the date.

Two ex-friends of mine were hanging outside with another kid I did know know of very well. One of my now ex-friends live right across the street from me so that is where they were hanging out. The kid I did not know, got my number from one of my ex-friends, and the kid threatened me if I didn't come out of the house. Yeah, he left a threatening message on my voicemail on my phone. What an idiot. So naturally, I called the police and I let them listen to the voice message. They said they would look into it.

Ever since that day that I called the police, I got racial slurs, vulgar slurs thrown at my way. And it is not only in face-to-face contact, one of the morons made a profile on the social networking site, Xanga, portraying it to be as me, with a picture of a naked gay guy as the background, with a lot of course language on the page.

Ever since that, it messed me up even more emotionally than I already was. It really ruined a lot of crap for me, which is why I feel emotional abuse is worse and it sticks with you longer. Physical abuse, you can sue the kid's parents and get the money to pay for any damage (or operations), if needed. I don't think I will ever get over my emotional abuse. It just.. sticks to me...

Fallen_embers April 24th, 2010 07:53 AM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
I used to be just there in the background in primary school, then when my sister died suddenly everyone wanted to be my friend, but looking back i think it was because the teachers must have told them not to give me a hard time. But some of the kids would say mean things, like it was me that started the fire, and that the only reason I didn't die was because I was a druggy like my mum and I was going to go to hell ect. for being a bad person, and then out of sheer panic and despair I went and tried to drown myself in the nursery water play (stupid I guess...) and then they wouldn't stop taunting me saying that I couldn't die even if I tried.

But then when my mum died a few months later and I didn't really feel like joining in or stuff they used to throw things at me and call me names. Saying that the reason nobody wanted to be friends with me was because I killed people. They spread a rumour that I murdered other Kids in the toilets, and that I poisoned other kid's break time snacks.

Then one break the girl that started the rumour and her friends chased me around the playground (in full view of the staff on duty!) and pin me in a corner and try to force feed me leaves and stones and stuff off the floor. It was awful. :(

The a few years later, when I was in year 5, and I had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, the kids used to taunt me about it. They used to follow me home after school and kick and punch me behind the bins near the corner shop.

But then I guess my schizophrenia didn't help me much there. I was misdiagnosed with DID, and so they used to take the piss out of me about that, and then when my diagnosis was changed they used to accuse me of faking it for attention.

In secondary school this one boy stole my medication and the whole class stood round me curled up on the floor because I was hallucinating, and all I could hear was them laughing and I didn't know if they were real or not, but my brother James was one of them and he used to taunt me about it after saying that I didn't know what was real. That hurt the most because in secondary school he used to do a lot of the bullying, getting all of his friends on me and stuff.

The last incident i had was before I moved to Ireland, and some girls in the biology class tried to set my hair on fire with a bunsen burner. The teacher went nuts and they got suspended for 2 weeks, but that just made the whole class start with the names and stuff.

But when I moved to Ireland and got into college everythings fine :) I get the odd comment about how I dress but I'm pretty good at mouthing something back ^.^ I have a group of friends and I get along pretty well with the people in my classes.... weird >.<

UnknownError April 24th, 2010 08:11 AM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
This was when I was 11. My friend got bullied nearly every day last year. She got battered everywhere she went. The park, McDonalds, the swimming. She never done anything about it until one time she spat it the bullies face. Big mistake. The bully got a group of other girls and they all had a go at her. They grabbed her hair and slammed her head off the ground. I ran forward to help her up and then the girls shouted abuse a me. I ignored it.

The next day I went to that park with one of my other friends who is a boy. These guys who were about 15 came over and pushed my friend down the hill on his bike and surrounded me. One of them, who was in ym age and in my class, stood there and laughed. They said they were going to set me on fire and then set my bike on fire. Because it was metal only some bits like thee wires and stuff burned but they then threw the bike at me and started punching and kicking me.

I went home and I told my parents, but I said to leave it. But my dad went to the park and started shouting his head off. This, I thought, would make it worst. I have seen the people who did that to me a few times but I have stayed far away. My friend, the girl one, hardly leaves her house now. She got battered on her door step a few months ago.

Mr. Awesome April 24th, 2010 08:11 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
I think the worst incident of my bullying was how i dealt with it. Small weak quiet and shy does not go down well. The worst physical part of it was one day after school i was waiting for the bus and a few guys from my class came up to me hit me in the stomach a few times and then slammed my head off a pebble dashed wall. But the name calling was the worst, non stop everyday, atleast i didnt get much physical stuff done.

But i will NEVER forgive myself for how i dealt with it. Frustrated id come home from school and take it out on someone one younger and smaller than me, my 8 year old brother ( i was 12 at the time, wnet on for a year until it was stopped). I used to hit, scream and make fun of him because i couldnt do it to anyone else i felt so small and unable to defend myself. Worst of all i heard my 1 "friend" talking about me behind my back.

Thankfully it all came out, the school sorted it and there wasnt a problem afterwards, and i ended up becoming good friends with everyone i went to school with

Sith Lord 13 May 6th, 2010 06:41 PM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
For me it was never one event. It was the atmosphere. There isn't one event I could point to. Sure there's the time I got thrown across the playground, the time I got slugged for refusing to give up my seat on the bus, the time I had chocolate milk poured down the back of my shirt (doesn't sound that bad but it ruined both my shirt and my coat). But it's a lot more than that. It was the atmosphere. The feeling that my very existence was abhorrent to them. That I was this terrible thing who didn't deserve human company. Still feel that way some of the time. Hell, there are still people who make me feel that way. Social otrocization. The one form of bullying that never stops.

I don't know maybe I'm being to sensitive. Other than being thrown across the playground, which was first grade and only left me with a bunch of scratches, scrapes, and bruises, the only time was hit was one punch on the school bus, to my chest. Sure there was a bruise but it's not like it was a regular occasion. Makes me feel like an idiot that it still bothers me so many years later.

MaKaylaLoraine May 7th, 2010 11:02 AM

Re: Bullying: your worst stories
For me bullying has made up most my life I changed school it got so bad they where knocking books out of my hands,name calling and hitting

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