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Shaolin May 19th, 2006 05:59 PM

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - "I think, therefore i am"

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is currently being used to treat a wide range of behavioural and emotional disorders, it can be highly successful and it's a practical treatment.

A mental health practicioner can guide you through the process of CBT better than anyone else, but it's something anyone can do given you understand what it is and how it works.

It's been used to treat OCD quite successfully.

What is it? - A famous philosopher once said "I think, therefore i am", a better term would have been "I cognite, therefore i am". Really - it's mind over matter. Cognitive therapy involves changing 'distorted' thinking - eg "Jane tells herself "I'm so worthless, i hate myself" - with CBT she would recognise that those thoughts are irrational and can contribute to her depression, then she replaces them "Hang on, im not worthless, not at all, infact...." - "I think therefore i am"....

Behavioural therapies aim at changing maladaptive behaviour through tackling the behaviour itself "James recognises his repetitive hand washing is causing him alot of problems, instead of washing his hands now James sit's and breaths deeply taking time out of the day to relieve his anxiety"....

Silly examples i know, but combine those two therapies and you get cognitive behavioural therapy. If you can make a concerted effort at changing your thoughts, you think healthy, therefore you are healthy.

Descartes - "I think, therefore i am"

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