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Acacia September 8th, 2009 02:24 PM

Hi there,

i am 17 and currently studying for my A-levels. For art this year i am doing my project based around Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,mainly as it is a very poignant subject to me as my younger brother (14 years old) suffers very badly from OCD and is being currently treated for it. While he is improving it has rocked our family and the past year or so has been very trying. However as you can imagine having not suffered from OCD myself i am finding this project quite hard, but as it is important to me and i hope my project can raise awareness, even just to my sixth form, i want to persevere. While i do have my brother as a good source of how it feels to have OCD, he does not really enjoy talking about it, which i understand completely. So i have been doing as much research as i can. However i can't seem to find a great deal of personal accounts of OCD, where someone suffering has explained how they feel. I understand some people may not want to talk about it, but hopefully some of you out there wouldn't mind helping me out. I just have some questions;

What words would you use to describe your OCD?

What colours would you associate with it?

How does it make you feel?

If you have or currently are getting through it, how have you done this?

What would you compare your OCD to?

How has it affected you?

I am really sorry to be such a pain and ask all these questions, i just cannot seem to get to grips with it, and i do not want to portray it wrongly in my art work. Thank you so very much for reading this, and any answers anyone can give would be really really appreciated.

Thanks again...

Sorry but i just remembered one other thing, it would also really help if you could let me know what your OCD is, i know its not always as easy as one thing, but any aspects, or things you have to do every day would also be really helpfull!

Triceratops September 9th, 2009 10:38 AM

Re: Questions..
What words would you use to describe your OCD? Restless, routine, obsession, anxious, structure, organinsed, panic, stress, cleanliness, worried.

What colours would you associate with it? Silver, Orange, Red, Green, Purple.

How does it make you feel? Aggravated, paranoid, stressed and anxious.

If you have or currently are getting through it, how have you done this? I haven't "got through" this. I get therapy sessions to help me not to be so obsessive and to not to panic and stress out over disruptions of routines or particular quirks. It's not of great help but it's one of those things I have learn to live with.

What would you compare your OCD to? I don't know? Something neatly organised, clean and structured. Any interruptions and I'll let loose.

How has it affected you? It annoys people greatly, I have a fairly long-ish list of quirks which I won't bother putting down. If something isn't the way it should be I start to panic and become aggravated. I won't stop thinking about it unless it's put right. I have to be completely organised, everything needs to be planned well and I like routines. I won't touch anything that appears "bacteria-fied" without washing my hands with anti-bacterial soap so I spend a lot of time with that. Also, I occupy myself with checking things in the house are in order and there are no odd numbers around and I worry and apparently waste too much time with things like that.

Acacia September 9th, 2009 12:18 PM

Re: Questions..
Thankyou so much! That is really really helpful, and very much apreciated :)

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