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kolte August 31st, 2005 08:33 PM

I would just like to point out
From reading the post's found in this topic (ocd) I find that many of you fear ocd, as if it is some horrible thing that will kill you in your sleep. But let me reasure you, those of you that have, or might have ocd, have nothing to be afried of. I was diagnosed with ocd by my Dr. and I have lived with it, not seeking any treatment, for many years now; and you know what I realoized. It's really not scary, its just me. I love me, and I don't want to change me. I feel that people who hate the ocd that they have, are more then likley just another, ocd free person. Why? because ocd is not a bad thing, its who you are. You can still be normal. BTW if any of you have any fears or doubts about their ocd then feel free to talk to me, I'm always their, to be a friend.

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