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Gvanni July 5th, 2018 12:10 AM

For pretty much my whole life Iíve been ďcautiousĒ and kept my own system of how to operate. I hate touching dirty things and then myself without washing my hands. This can include anything I ďtrickĒ myself into thinking is dirty, my brain kinda plays into my fear that it is dirty and for that reason I must clean myself. It could be my phone sometimes, my dresser top or even anything other people touch. Iím not instantly compelled to clean myself right away unless Iím in my own personal, private setting. I can hold it off but I get anxious and uncormftale until it is addressed. I canít use utensils or plates without washing them and drying them with a paper towel even if they were already clean. Does this make me just weird or is it a low level of OCD? Things have also progressed since I got older.

yeehaw July 5th, 2018 12:21 AM

Re: OCD?
People with OCD will get obsessions (mental/emotional), so a lot of the time they have an “inescapable fear” of a certain thing, feeling that it could cause damage to themselves or their loved ones. It will give them a constantly high level of anxiety and the only way to lower their anxiety would be to carry out ritualistic compulsions (physical) which are very often irrational. For example, someone may need to check if the door is locked a certain number of times, or if the stove is off by pressing it 10 times. A clip below, although played by an actor, represents these obsessions and compulsions very well:

The fact that your triggers such as dirty plates/germs can be held off without producing an inescapable anxiety response, it may be that you don’t have OCD, but i’m not a medical expert. If it significantly interferes with your daily life (as with anything, really) go to a doctor and express your concerns.

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