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EssentialAspiration January 31st, 2018 11:04 PM

One big problem
Things have been really looking up lately. Not so long ago I would describe every day of my life as a mental crisis. I would be sad every single night that I spent alone. Now this isn't the case. I've really taken control of alot of things in my life. Uni is going better my relationship is going better. I have cut people from my life that no longer deserved to be around and introduced new people. I am happy. I can sleep easier at night.

But I have one issue that still plagues my thoughts and deprives me of sleep some nights (like tonight). And that is my weight. You would think of all my problems I've had be it education relationships etc... that my weight should be the easiest thing to get a hold of because the solution is just so simple. But it's something I just can't seem to do. I cannot eat healthily and I love to drink. I think also that the fact i am so mentally weak in this matter that I cannot control my eating and my weight is what truly bothers me.

I am getting by and actually quite well at the moment. But I am putting on weight and it is eventually going to reach a point where it truly affects my self esteem terribly if this continues.

rioo February 2nd, 2018 10:18 AM

Re: One big problem
you don't clearly say about your weight problem but I would say that doing sport will get you there. You still can growing up until 20.

JustMyHumbleOpinion February 4th, 2018 04:58 PM

Re: One big problem
I guess my advice would be is too perhaps take up a hobby or something that keeps you on the go.

I think you're already half way there though, i personally believe losing weight is much easier when you're in a very stable and happy peace of mind.

Some other advice would be to cut small things slowly.
I lost a stone or two by cutting my fizzy drink intake and by drinking water most of the day for a few months.
Little changes can make a big difference, you don't have to eat salads everyday and run 5 miles to lose weight.

I also would like to mention that unless your weight is affecting your health badly, then try to remember that people will probably like you for you, not your outwards appearance alone- it shouldn't affect your life too much.

Just JT February 4th, 2018 05:11 PM

Re: One big problem
Just a guess here ok?
May be lack of will power, but Iím not convinced
You donít eat healthy cause why?
Basically cause you probably like how the not good food tastes.
So thereís immediate gratification with that, feeling good, physically
So it may be a way to mask other symptoms when you donít feel good
Kinda like filling yourself up with food when you may be lack8ng something else in your life, maybe lonlieness?

End of day only you can empower your own actions or inactions.
Eat smart, exercise, you will feel better, maybe not right away, but you will

Sometimes problems are bigger than we can handle alone. Believe me I have an entire menu of those in my life. May not be weight or eating, but may be a similar kinda concept. Iíll probaly be in therapy for my entire life dealing with shit. And thatís ok. And it ok of you need some help to.

Asking for help I see a very courageous thing to do

Kes9 February 15th, 2018 12:12 AM

Re: One big problem
You should learn to enjoy working out and getting exercise. You will feel a lot better if you can manage to find a way to stay fit. You're only young once, i don't understand why you would want to waste this valuable time by not being good to your body.

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