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jesus4life August 3rd, 2017 12:18 PM

social skills with autism
i have autism and ptsd and bipolar and adhd but i dont understand social things i dont understand why everyone at my school is mean to me i dont understand if all people are like that and i should be to or if its wrong to say the things they say to me cause i always you should be nice i dont understand

lliam August 5th, 2017 05:10 AM

Re: social skills with autism
Okay, you have some form of autism.

But even so-called normal people often have difficulties understanding why they are bullied and avoided by others.

And it isn't uncommon that even bullies and those who avoid a certain classmate aren't able explain their behavior.

The reasons are varied and often very complex. Maybe you should talk with an teach, school counselor, pscholochist etc about your problem.

But perhaps there is a general reason for this:

Your classmates doesn't understand you just as you can't understand them. Works often vice versa.

This corresponds approximately to the experiences that a classmate with diagnosed autism has collected in his entire school career at my former school.

It took 8 years until a obvisiously competent psychologist could explain my classmates prob in general .... by using just a few words.

I hope you find someone like my old pal did.

Someone who can not only explain this to you, but also can develop a solution to this problem ... with you, your classmates and the teaching staff.

Good luck.

Just JT August 5th, 2017 05:20 AM

Re: social skills with autism
Understanding social dynamics is usually hard for kids on the spectrum like you. Everything else just complicated things and makes it harder to process for you.

No, people are not all mean like that. Kids will be bullies and torment other kids they perceive as being weaker than themselves. That's how they make themselves feel better about themselves. And feel like they are better than the kid their abusing.

Anyways, as hard as it is, it'll get better as you get older. You'll see, people are usually pretty good and nice. They'll get it as they mature and realize your just another person, just with some issues they don't have. Then you'll see how nice people really are.

jamie_n5 September 5th, 2017 06:46 PM

Re: social skills with autism
No all kids are mean. Some kids don't understand other kids like yourself who are very different than them. So they pick on them and say stupid things to them. I know it is just not fair.You might talk to your school counselor or principal and tell them what's going on. They could maybe have some way teachers or someone could explain to the other kids in school what autism, PTSD, bipolar and ADHD are and how it affects people who have them. I just feel for you and hope that others will understand these things in the future. I wish you my best.

Jaffe September 20th, 2017 07:08 PM

Re: social skills with autism
As @jamie_n5 says, not all kids are mean. But I think most of them are not very patient, either. I found that I could only have a few friends ... perhaps 3 maximum ... and even those, I can really only deal with one at a time. Occasionally, 2 of them at a time. And my few friends have been to my house (easiest to handle social dynamics on my own territory, rather than dealing with new surroundings at the same time), and they know my mum and know a bit of how to deal with my struggles.

I am saying that you perhaps should not try to be extremely social all at once; slow down, step back and be social one person at a time.

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