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colorfulights July 9th, 2017 05:00 PM

I know people don't lie to me but I feel like they do
Just wanna say sorry idek where to put this but I was like hey I have anxiety depression and possibly an eating disorder so I'll put it here.

A lot of people say they don't understand when people call them pretty but I feel like to me it's on a completely different level. I think I was pretty as a toddler. I was given more attention than most babies. Great I see it. But I've always been called pretty and beautiful and not just by my parents lol. None of my friends personally have but oddly I get it often. I have never understood what people see. I feel like they're lying or blind. And I was just told last week I should get into modelling. I don't even know how to compute that! I feel like this is coming off as more than a complaint, but I legitimately can't even acknowledge because I truly don't get it. I'm dumbfounded and not really sure what to do. I convince myself they have low standards and ignore it and rely on the fact that my friends don't tell me I'm pretty and that's that. Idek what to do honestly. And this isn't just some "just focus on your positives" type of thing. I don't see positives.

Honestly idek what this post is but has anyone had similar experiences? I don't even have a problem it's just constantly on my mind and idek what to do with the thought

cleancut July 13th, 2017 10:25 AM

Re: I know people don't lie to me but I feel like they do
I like what I see when I look in the mirror. No one ever told me that I should be a model because I'm not good looking that way. I'd like to bulk up my muscles, but generally I'm ok with how I look.

I don't like people to think of me as unusual. I'd rather be normal looking, it keeps me under the radar for people looking for someone to pick on. I have enough things to stress out over, so I guess that's why how I look is lower on the list.

jamie_n5 August 23rd, 2017 08:57 PM

Re: I know people don't lie to me but I feel like they do
Somehow you need to start loving yourself. I don't know if you need to get counseling or not but it might be a good idea. They can help get you back on the right path I think.

RyderTheHuman December 9th, 2017 07:29 PM

Re: I know people don't lie to me but I feel like they do
Those are perfect examples of someone living with low self esteem. I suffer from it terribly, destroying my body because I hate it. Counseling will help.

I just recently developed a plan to help me gain self esteem.

I'm going to buy a body mirror and a lamp. I spend 99% of my time in my room so I'm going to put it in there with me. I'm going to look at myself several times throughout the day for about a month until I have a comfortable understanding of how I look to myself. Then I'm going to make different faces in the mirror often I'm going to get an understanding of what I think makes me look bad and change that expression to something I feel could be attractive. The magic is that it's all in your head so people won't really notice those things anyways and once I'm comfortable with how I look people would see that I'm confident and they'll find that more attractive anyways.

Just JT December 9th, 2017 07:41 PM

Re: I know people don't lie to me but I feel like they do
I think people donít see themselves as others perceive them cause weíre used to who we are and how we look. We not see what others see, cause itís just normal to yourself. And thatís a good thing to a point. Nobody like someone who we know views themselves as bueatiful. Thatís viewed as being conceited.

Seeing yourself as normal, that to me is someone who I said balanced and has their head ok. Confident but not over confident. Well rounded. The way we ďshouldĒ be?

But if you see yourself in a negative way then Iíd suggest talkmto someone.

Thing is we all have negative qualities whether itís physical or personality or whatever. And weíll all have good ones to. We just need to look past the not so good ones and focus on the good ones more.

Donít mean we canít have a bad day here and thereís but I donít think your talking about that. Maybe your having a hard time seeing some of the good stuff in you. That might need some help from someone for you to see

Dalcourt December 9th, 2017 09:47 PM

Re: I know people don't lie to me but I feel like they do
Please don't bump older threads:locked:

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