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goldfish23 April 19th, 2017 03:12 PM

What is wrong with me
sorry i deleted it

NathanFloGrown April 19th, 2017 03:37 PM

Re: What is wrong with me
Well, I do not thing there is anything wrong with you. What you are doing is not good but also...not bad. Reason I say its not bad is cause you are trying to indulge on things. Spending money, sleeping with people, alcohol, and all that jazz. I feel like those are all big downfalls of a lot of people. I feel as if it comes down to what you think of yourself. Are you partying to look cool? Getting drunk for attention? Sex because you can't help the urge? Spending money for fun? I struggled with the spending money thing but heres what I can say to try and help you.

You need to start fresh. Not buying things you want when you want it is...not too big. it's the sex and alcohol that need to be eliminated most. These things are not only unhealthy to be addicted to, but can ruin a reputation. A reputation is the most important thing you can have. If you have a bad reputation, as being someone who sleeps with people all the time or someone who just drinks and gets completely messed not good to have and will limit EVERYTHING that you can do. This will even mess up your hope of going into a university.

What I would say to do my friend is find a hobby, indulge yourself in that hobby. Mine is working out and the beach. When I am bored, I workout or hit the beach. Make new friends who can help you. or ask a friend to try and help you with your issue. I feel that...being raped should also open your eyes to see...Wow I'm lucky to even be alive...cause what if someone wanted to kill you? Or do other stuff I mean...there is so much danger in sleeping with people, and getting insanely drunk!

So, find a friend who can help you and focus on what really matters. and Ask yourself. Is temporary pleasure more valuable to you than a long term pleasure? Such as...Getting a degree, becoming successful, having a beautiful family and then being able to spend money? I feel that YOU just need to set your values. But, take this as a lesson, and learn from it. Nothing is wrong with you because of mistakes you make..


Sometimes we fall off our path to a harmful path but, you can still find your way back onto the right path.

I know you can..and I know you will. Nothings wrong with ya though!!!

Hope I Helped!!

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