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EuRo August 5th, 2016 01:56 AM

Social Anxiety: School
Hello, everyone. I'm new to these forums and this is my first thread, but I'd like other people's input on this.

So since last year I've had extreme anxiety, especially at school. I switched schools to Independent Studies, but the anxiety never decreased. I had anxiety about not just school, though. I would go to good measures to make sure I would never have to meet up with family or go outside. More recently, I got contacted by one of my old friends about meeting up, but I started to freak out and said that my friend had a birthday and completely shut off contact with him.

Even more recently, I've gone hiking and surprisingly I was able to say hi to some people and even had some small chit-chat with two people. I only really have gotten anxious while hiking when there's a big group of people or when I see someone I might have known.

So the fact my anxiety has been rather low in relation to hiking, I started to wonder if my anxiety had magically been lifted, at least a little bit, but today I started to think about school.... I thought about walking in and I thought about last year and being absolutely terrified of everyone and couldn't make eye contact. That got me a bit worried, but I decided "hey, I found that forum and maybe I can ask some questions" and that's what I'm going to do.

So what should I do? Should I wait it out until school comes and see if the anxiety is still really there, or should I go and seek some sort of medication? I've taken PROzac in the past for depression, but I don't remember it helping my anxiety much.

Any replies are much appreciated, thanks! :)

Flapjack August 5th, 2016 09:22 AM

Re: Social Anxiety: School
Heyyy welcome to VT buddy!! I also have anxiety buddy and yours seems serious enough to warrant medication:) I hope you get better soon!:)

Just JT August 5th, 2016 10:36 AM

Re: Social Anxiety: School
I agree with the above posters. Meds to suck. But also I know some take a while to work. And I think Prozac is one of them. But also i,mpretty sure that's for depression, not so,sure about anxiety. Might want to look into that one.

One thing you said kinda struck me. You can go for a hike, even talk to people right? But when you combine school, people, AND outide, maybe the combination is to much?

Just going on what you said...

Let us know, and welcome to vt, were a good bunch of people who do care, so keep us updated ok?

Phosphene August 5th, 2016 10:47 AM

Re: Social Anxiety: School
Welcome to VT! I deal with anxiety as well. You said that while hiking you were able to talk to some people. If hiking is something you enjoy and makes you feel comfortable about talking to people, I'd say keep doing that, and slowly work your way up so you won't be anxious hiking in larger groups like you said. Take it a little at a time, and being around lots of people at school will get easier for you. Best of luck!

Sublime Demonz August 5th, 2016 10:53 AM

Re: Social Anxiety: School
I was diagnosed with three different kinds of anxiety almost two years ago, social anxiety being one of them. To help me, I started out with therapy sessions once a week, and as things improved we spaced them out a little more. She taught me techniques to help me stay calm and relax, but unfortunately those alone weren't enough to help me, so she had me get started on medication. Mine took only a week to start kicking in, and it treats both anxiety and depression, both things I struggle with. I had to up the dosage a little a couple times, but it's always worked for me and I still use the techniques my therapist taught me for extra back up when things are especially stressful, like when I took my road test yesterday.

The thing about medication is that it works for some people and doesn't for others. It works for me, and makes my life so much more enjoyable. Controlling your anxiety is all about finding what works best for you, but it won't hurt to try medication if you think it could be beneficial. Worst case scenario, it's awful and makes things worse and you have to come off it. And that's ok too. Just don't give up hope.

maddogmj77 August 5th, 2016 02:32 PM

Re: Social Anxiety: School
Heyy, welcome :). I've actually recently been started on Prozac for GaD, mainly being Social Anxiety. I absolutely dread going to school, avoid a lot of people, sometimes even friends. So, I know how it feels. Any Anti-anxiety/Depressant will take a while before you start to feel the effects (couple weeks to a month?). Unless of course you're on a Benzo which is ONLY advised for quick onset anxiety like panic attacks. I suggest talking to a professional and seeing if they advise medication, which is likely if it's as bad as you have described. I hope you get better :) Keep us updated

EuRo August 5th, 2016 05:18 PM

Re: Social Anxiety: School
Thanks everyone for giving me ideas. I really appreciate it! :)

Microcosm August 5th, 2016 05:37 PM

Re: Social Anxiety: School

Welcome to VT!

My advice on this situation is to do some research and try to figure out ways to fight this anxiety. If you don't and you let it consume you, it can potentially ruin your life. Medication has helped me a lot. I fought back against my anxiety and sort of distanced myself from the present. By that I mean that when I talk to people now, I don't think too much about it. I don't allow myself to. I just make a conscious effort to chill. I think the medication has helped me to do that more. Sometimes it will seem impossible to do this, but you can take a break whenever you need to.

Research the topic and figure out ways to talk to people easier. There are tons of videos on YouTube with all sorts of advice on combating social anxiety.

Also, be prepared to experience bullying. If you don't experience it, that's fantastic, but I think it's important that you consider it a possibility. Being socially anxious has made me a target for bullies in the past and I sometimes wasn't too mentally prepared for it. If you can see it coming as a possibility and work out a plan of action beforehand for a bullying scenario, that could really benefit you in the future.

Best of luck to you!

CanadianLynx September 21st, 2016 06:33 AM

Re: Social Anxiety: School
I have the same issue, unable to eat with family due to sever anxiety at the dinner table, and school is a b**** too. I also haate being medicated as well. Some medication, lexapro, make everything foggy and hard to concentrate, and the one im on now makes it impossible to sleep... Just try and find a way to work around it that works for you.

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