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Etcetera January 29th, 2014 09:46 PM

Any Input?
I have been told by several people that I could have ODC, so I decided to check it out. I'm still contemplating whether that could be true or not.

- I can't stand for things not to be straight and lined up with each other. Desks, pencils, anything.
- I take 15 medicines daily, and I always have to take them in size order. It's really weird. If I don't it bugs me extremely.
- The sound level on my iPod or iPhone always has to be on an even interval (for example, I always have it on either the 2nd, 4th, or 6th, etc. bar of sound.) Same thing with the number of the volume on the TV and my laptop.
- When there's a box on my page on my laptop that is not full-screen I have to have it exactly centered both side to side and bottom to top.
- Even number of ice in my drinks.
- My clothes have to all be folded the same way or it bugs me.
- When I eat, I eat one thing at a time on my plate and go clockwise around the plate until I am finished. I can't stand for my food to touch unless I deliberately put it there. Sometimes I will put corn in with my potatoes, but if I didn't put it there myself I literally wont eat because it bothers me that much.
- I always start off walking with my left foot, and when I come to stairs my left is the first to hit the stairs. I don't know if this is a product of being in marching band, but I probably was doing it before that too, but just didn't notice it until I joined marching band.
- Clothes: I have a weird obsession with my shoes. They have to constantly be clean. I bleach the sidewall of my shoes multiple times a week with a toothbrush because it bothers me if they are not perfectly white. I absolutely cannot stand for my pants to drag under my shoes. I constantly pull down my shirt at the bottom so that it is lined up right, and every time before I sit down or when I get up, I fix my shirt or jacket.
- When I drink from a cup or bottle, I have to drink from the same spot every time. People look at me weird when I'm sitting there twisting it around trying to find the spot, but if I drink from somewhere else I know, and it drives me crazy. When I have a styrofoam disposable cup, I make a bite mark at the place I drink so that I can find it. It's gotten to the point it drives my family crazy when I'm doing it.
- I count everything all the time. I count my steps in groups of 16, again I don't know if that's a product of marching band or both that and OCD.
- I have to sit in the same spot every time I am in a room more than once. At lunch at school, or anywhere else.

The thing is, I am also ADHD. Some aspects of OCD would not fit me, because I have the disorganized characteristic of a person with ADHD. My room is a wreck to other people, but organized to me because everything is where I want it. And if I were to "clean" it, I wouldn't be able to find anything, because that's the way it is in my mind.

Zeke April 29th, 2014 01:32 PM

Re: Any Input?
Hi there, we as humans naturally organize things into categories. Its just something us humans do, so putting things in order like that is not unusual. Although if its getting out of hand then it could possibly be OCD.

Look at this. #8. You stated that you didn't notice you did this. So we can assume that what you do there isn't OCD.

I also want you to consider is that every human being as a bit of "OCD" in them. Obsessive compulsive DISORDER is a disorder that has to be EXTREME.

Only when it starts to get out of hand would it be considered a disorder. Sure some things you listed can certainly be OCD. Since you stated that its starting to bother your family could be a sign that its actually a disorder since its starting to affect you, and the people around you.

I can safely say that some things you listed are not OCD, more of a pet peeve I guess you can say, but thats not the problem, the problem is that its affecting others around you, so I would suggest a professional diagnosis.

Good luck :)

BuryYourFlame April 29th, 2014 07:35 PM

Re: Any Input?
There are certainly some traits in there that point towards OCD, however, no-one on VT (or anyone over the internet for that matter) is qualified to tell you if you do have it or not. Keeping in mind that self-diagnosis is a very dangerous thing, the only way to know is by going to a psychiatrist and they'll be able to actually confirm on deny if you have it or not.

andybn April 29th, 2014 07:55 PM

Re: Any Input?
Having OCD could be true, I actually have some of those same things that I have to do along with others of my own. However, we may never know if it is actually the disorder or just habits we've told our brain to do at some point.

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