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Alexis goes Rawr November 13th, 2011 03:14 AM

Should i be worried?
okay so first off, i know that no one on here could giv me an actual diagnosis but a bit of advice would be helpful? I dont want to bring this up with someone and seem like a worry wart and i definetly dont need to add anymore issues to my growing pile
So i think i might be ocd, or atleast have some pretty bad obssesion issues.
Its just, im not a neat freak my rooms a bit messy but its strictly organized mess i know excatly where everything is and if anyone moves anything around i....well pretty much freak out and i dont kniw why it....scares me, like im losing all control and something terrible will happen
Like my bookshelf i have every single book in a specific place and a certain way, i got home from school one day and my mom gad completely 'organized' my books for me saying they hadnt looked right b4, well i lost it, i had like a panic attack i felt like screaming i couldnt stop mysel from tearing up my hands wouldnt stop shaking. My mom thought i was being ridcoulous (sp?) and said i'd be in huge trouble if i touched any books.....i fixed them any way i just COULD'NT leave them that way i got screamed at but i couldnt just leave them, and i dont know why.
i freak over the oven too, it got so bad that everytime i leave the house i have to take a picture of the oven off with my cell fone, and even then half the time i just have to go back to check my hands start shaking and i cant seem to breath right.
I also hav this thing about my food not touching if my food touches i cant eat it i cant swallow it it just disgusts me, and i also have this thing with the number 3 turning on lights, turning on the sink, i have to do it 3 times

And i have to keep my actions 'even' if i tap my left hand four time i have to do the same to my right sort of thing....

Whenever my mom notices any of this she just calls me weirdo and trys to mess with me which is pretty easy.
So should i be worried over possibly having ocd, or am i just being a bit

Abyssinian November 13th, 2011 04:08 AM

Re: Should i be worried?
That sounds like OCD to me.

I have a tiny bit in the mildest of forms, undiagnosed, but that keeping your actions even thing... if I step on a shadow, crack or different type of flooring with one foot, I have to with the other or I just feel... wrong and unbalanced, like heavier on one side.. I also need things to look neat when I organise them. If they're messy, they're messy. But when I have to organise, they wind up colour ordered and perfectly straight xD

And whilst I know I don't have OCD in any form bad enough to worry about, I do know that what you've described is pretty bad, if you're having panic attacks over it.. You may need to get some kind of help, even if it is JUST to get them to tell your mother to stop messing with you!

Good luck with everything =)

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