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bluchene November 1st, 2017 04:17 PM

Ben's Introduction
First Name: Ben
Age: 13
Gender :Cis Male
Location: Central Ohio
Orientation: Heterosexual
Do you have any siblings? No
Do you have any pets? Yes
If so how many and what kind? 2 dogs
What are some of your hobbies? Gaming and sports
What are some of your talents? Batting in baseball
What makes you happy on a bad day? Just relaxing and listening to music.
What do you do on rainy days? Being inside
What grade/year/etc are you in? 7th grade
You receive good grades? Yes
What's your career path? Computer Systems Analyst
What are some other interests of yours? Computers
What is your favorite thing to do? Play games
What is your least favorite thing to do? Lexia (a reading program at school)
What's your favorite food? Burgers
What's your favorite drink? Sweet Tea
Who would you like to meet living or dead? Joseph Satlin
Who is your idol? None
What is your favorite band? Gorrilaz
What is your favorite song? Garage Palace
How did you find this site? I don't remember
What made you want to join? I was bored.

Barbara. November 1st, 2017 05:24 PM

Re: Ben's Introduction
Welcome to VT Ben

ska8er November 2nd, 2017 06:08 PM

Re: Ben's Introduction
Hi Ben-Welcome

verruckt16 November 3rd, 2017 01:42 PM

Re: Ben's Introduction
Hi Ben, welcome .. hope you enjoy VT

bougainvillea November 3rd, 2017 02:46 PM

Re: Ben's Introduction
Welcome! :sun:

Abyssal Echo November 3rd, 2017 11:36 PM

Re: Ben's Introduction
Welcome to VT!:)

topseededamateur November 4th, 2017 07:52 AM

Re: Ben's Introduction
Welcome bro

swabby316 December 21st, 2017 07:53 PM

Re: Ben's Introduction
Welcome ben

Fritz December 22nd, 2017 12:55 AM

Re: Ben's Introduction
Hey mate

Max the Disenchanter December 22nd, 2017 01:45 AM

Re: Ben's Introduction

Axrow December 22nd, 2017 01:52 AM

Re: Ben's Introduction
Welcome man!

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