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Lietchenstein March 31st, 2016 08:38 PM

About some weird tastes...
I've been very fond of gore things lately, mostly torture videos and liveleak suicide videos. I also started watching snuff films ( real or fake ) and I took sexual pleasure from it. I feel like it's not right but it just makes me feel so good, I literally had the most powerful orgasm of my life watching snuff... Should I seek help or... I just need answers.

To be honest I don't feel guilty I just feel weird about it.

Don't know if I posted this to the right sub-forum but I couldn't find a place more suitable for this, feel free to move it.

PinkFloyd March 31st, 2016 08:53 PM

Re: About some weird tastes...
In my opinion, you should only seek help if you begin to want to inflict pain on others yourself instead of just watching it online.

Ainsleyshea March 31st, 2016 08:59 PM

Re: About some weird tastes...
well if your in to it i bet theirs others like you every one has a kink you may have found yours but i would seek professional pycolagist just to see if you'd act on it in certain situation

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