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Invisible Ninja February 7th, 2012 04:28 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
I do not have any serious disorders but more of a mixture of everything.
1. My biggest one is pictures, I always want stuff to be hung level.
2. Labels, I make sure labels (on cans bottles etc.) are always facing towards the front, I hate to see things turn sideways just even a little bit.
3. My hair, even though I'm a guy if I get bored (or stressed) I will sit and twirl my hair, not sure why?
4. The way I do stuff, i.e. if I pick up a soda can with my right hand, the next time I pick it up I MUST pick it up with my left hand. It's just wierd random stuff like that, and I do it all the time!
Some more I do is just random, like counting (the number of tiles in a room, the number of lightbulbs, etc.) and picking stuff up just to move it like 1/2 an inch. I'm really glad someone started this block so that way I know I am NOT the only person that does this. Thanks!

talyah132 April 18th, 2012 12:38 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
for me its all about rituals and getting things right in my head, for example i would move the computer mouse on the screen from left to right until it seems right to me and i could read the same sentence like 30 times until i "read it corectlly" in my head (one of the reasens i dont read often) and the main thing that disterbs me is that i have this thing that i do with with my hands ALL the time like kinda rub them together, i also have to blink really hard everytime i dont do one of the compulsions (kind of like a twitch in my eyes but i control it...) i have that also all the time. and when im writing and i get a letter wrong i will earase the hole sentence and rewrite :\

Greg1994 April 18th, 2012 02:49 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
1. I always have to have my bed made before I go to bed, even if i forgot to make it in the morning, i make it just before bed.
2. Volume on the tv or car must be in increments of 5. If 5 is too loud, i'll just have to suck it up.
3. All the windows in the car have to be at the same level, if im driving somebody and they put their windows down all the way and mine is just cracked... its a tough decision to just put mine down, or put theirs back up and lock them haha.
4. I press the lock or unlock button for my car exactly three times.
5. The clothes in my closet MUST be in rainbow order
I can't think of anything else... I don't think i have ocd, just some ocd-like habits haha

IAmTheLizardQueen May 3rd, 2012 04:42 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
-Everything involving numbers must be a multiple of five. ANYTHING. When brushing my teeth, grouping things (unless theyre different colors; I then group them only by color), cutting my Sugar Glider's food, just anything.
-positioning of things, like dishes, food in the cabnets or fridge all in ABC or size order.
-My glasses, fibers and dust particles annoy me.
-At school no one touches my stuff, it's all in place, date order and condensed imto one blider
-My headphones, don't even look at them too hard.
-baby wipes. I love them. I don't like sticky or questionable crud. Its like my hand sanitizer.
-My pillows
- and lastly grouping things by color. ESPICIALLY when i eat. Like with fruitsnacks, of which I ALWAYS have on my when i leave the house; without exeption. I ALWAYS lay them out and group them by color, then eat them lightest to darkest.

Just things I do.

Personally, I'm not sure that I have OCD, and I would be the last to start telling people i have it; because I'm sure thats annoying to those who legitimately are OCD. But i have a friend thats OCD and she has the same thing with color. A difference between playing with your food (most likely me) and having an OCD tendancy.might be something to add

therunaway May 3rd, 2012 08:50 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
My OCD habits are counting my steps as I walk down the hallway at school, Ie: 1 step, 2 step, 1 step, 2 step. etc.
the tv volume has to be on a number ending with 0 or 5.
I count all the time in my head and sometimes I reach a hundred, and then mess up and start all over. it sucks being ocd. -_-

RyanEdwards July 25th, 2012 07:21 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
I have every symptom in the list. I only like even numbers, as well as the number five as that is half way between... And everything else on the list, really.

Christheman July 25th, 2012 07:22 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
my mother has OCD she gets very anger at messes and freaks out over a little shirt on the floor

LatinaVivit July 25th, 2012 10:30 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
1. If I crack the fingers of one hand, it must be done in the same way for the other hand.
2. I do everything in sets of three's, e.g., the pillows on my bed, times I scratch my head if it's itchy, times when I moves my fingers as one does when they think.
3. I need to have PERFECT grammar in all my sentences.
I would list others, but it has to be in a set of three.... hhaha

Bigswedishboy July 25th, 2012 11:07 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
I have these symptoms but I haven't been diagnosed yet i have my room in order, the door has to always be shut, by closet is organized from the last time I wore it the longer its been the more to the back of the closet, schhol work is organization by date and class/subject. So on and so forth.

Brice August 12th, 2012 01:40 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
My family thinks I'm OCD just because I'm a perfectionist!!!! hahaha!:yummy::yes::)

survivor September 2nd, 2012 02:58 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
I have autism, ADHD, and OCD. People say my room is a mess, but to me it is the opposite. I can find everything in m room and if one thing is moved I can't find a ton of other things. I also am "addicted" to numbers. Numbers such as ice cubes have to be even and last year I got into an argument with my volleyball coach because he gave me number 3.

People I know make fun of being OCD or say their OCD when their not and it bugs me. For example if a crooked picture bothers you you're not OCD you're normal. People make fun of my ned to alphabetize by saying I have CDO.

YouMeAtSykes December 16th, 2012 04:48 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive

Originally Posted by MyRedHeadWorld (Post 1575824)
I have a type of ocd where my body has to feel even.
so for example, If I bang my hand against a wall, I have to bang the other one, or if I touch my right leg, I have to do the exact same thing to the other leg, in the same spot the same way. its very bad actually and stresses me out alot...

just thought I'd share:D

I do this ^

therunaway June 2nd, 2013 07:00 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
I count and tap my feet in this order, (left-1, right-2, left-3) until I get to 12, and I restart. I must have 5 ice cubes, things must fill up precisely to the lines indicated.

Edit: Oops, didn't realize how long it had been since another post.

Chris Daniels June 7th, 2013 01:44 AM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
I have an OCD. A doctor told me that before. And I think I still have it.
I have an obsession with cleanliness.
I dislike it when someone touches my things without permission and leaving finger prints in them. I was called a clean-freak before because I can literally detect dirt on any of my things. I take a bath almost 5 times a day and sometimes it takes me one or two hours in the bathroom until I am satisfied cleaning myself. I always bring alcohol wherever I go. I have three medium-sized bottles of alcohol on my bag wherever I go outside and in my house, I always have a small bottle on my pocket. I also dislike dirt or dust so much so what I do is, whenever I clean my room, I have to completely cover myself so my dirt-ridding cleaning mission would be successful. Sometimes also when someone snuck into my room while i'm away and he/she sat on my bed, I will immediately know someone went inside by smell and I will also immediately detect the imperfections in my room. That is my obsession with being overly-organized. I know everything that is inside my room and how they are placed. Exactly how they are placed. And when they get disorganized, I always, always take a deep breathe so I can hold my anger.

I love my cleaning ability though.

LuciferSam June 7th, 2013 08:44 AM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
I love straight lines. My recent TETRIS addiction probably isn't helping this at all, but I love for stuff to fit together in blocks or to line up straight, pictures, things on my desk, everything. July 31st, 2013 06:03 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
i would classify myself as having mild OCD. i have to be the one to tidy my room because i'm worried about all of my organisation being messed up and if a person picks up one thing and moves it i have to move everything on the chest even if i'm just picking it up and putting it down. i am forever straightening things. I spend my days counting various objects, be it the number of strips on a wall or the number of buttons on my teachers shirt. It winds my mother up to no end that i CANNOT have the volume of anything on an even number OR a multiple of 5 so i have to change the volume.

candorgen August 26th, 2013 01:07 PM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
Yes I probably have OCD.
I keep everything in my room just so and only move things when I absolutely need to. Then I put it back where it was. Everything is in a position I have set it, which keeps my room tidy, but when I need to search for something, conflicting ideas of where to put stuff in the name of appearance/symmetry/organisation start to come up. So I try to know where things are. The same thing happens with my school locker.
I have also found myself to keep my feet in line with the pavement stones in streets; I did it more often a few years ago but still do it now.

Not a major of negative problem (yet, and hopefully never), but I do definetly have some form of OCD.

Spook August 29th, 2013 11:33 AM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
I am diagnosed with moderate/severe OCD.

*I hear voices telling me to do rituals, if I try not to or am unable; there is a panic and a fear of something bad happening; that later encourages my tics
*My tics are: blinking really hard a certain # of times, which eye it is differs daily; another is picking & biting my cuticles until they bleed, another (in really stressful situations) is rubbing my neck with my palm until it's raw, and another is rubbing the insides of my fingers together. (doing it a certain number of times)
*It has gotten better recently; but from age 11-14 I would wash my hands until they cracked, bled, and were raw and sensitive. Now I only do it with sticky/powdery substances instead of after everything I touch. I had to use hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, etc. in the past.
*I have to straighten my eyelashes. I am constantly using my finger to smooth them; I hate the thought that they wouldn't all go in the same direction. xD This leads to me constantly getting eye irritations.
*When I'm walking down a sidewalk, I cannot step on the block separators. I can step on cracks, just not the straight separators.
*When I am pacing/tapping my hand, I have to do it a certain # of times, then I have to do it an equal number of times on the other hand. Sometimes it will feel unbalanced, and I'll keep tapping to get it to feel right.
*I am mostly okay with mess (I used to have to organize everything, now not so much). Currently instead of cleaning strewn objects; I have to do certain tasks, like, turn the fish aquarium light off. In this example, I'll already be in bed and I can't fall asleep unless I do it.
*I will constantly rake my fingers through my hair, trying to get it straight. I do this all day.
* Sometimes I will have an impulse to say/whisper something, usually offensive, out loud; and if I don't do it I will get that panic/bad thing; so I give in. The same goes with certain actions, usually dangerous ones.
*I have impulses that there are germs/diseases crawling in my skin & I have to sanitize my skin/ wash my hands.
*I do things in even numbers- it usually ranges in number, but they're always even.
*I worry constantly about things I did/didn't do and I have to constantly check them over & over
*I can't touch most things with my palm or I will panic from the germs
*I can't usually shake people's hands without having to wash my hands
*I have constant worry about how I look and I constantly check in the mirror to look at my stomach. I know I'm skinny, but I still see fat; which is another form of ocd
*In public situations, I always have to be in control of things.

I'm 30 shades of fricked up, kay? xD

simplysweet December 5th, 2013 05:21 AM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
There are multiple types of anxiety disorders; OCD being one of them. Everyone's symptoms will be different of course. I have more than one anxiety disorder; I have OCD and GAD. I may even have another type of anxiety disorder on top of those two! Anyways, OCD is different for everyone. For example, my room is a mess but I still have to keep certain things organized. There are just certain things that I care about organizing. I don't obsess over certain numbers really; I do things repeatedly though. I also obsess over the volume on the TV. The volume on the TV always has to be 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, or 25. Whether I can hear it or not, that's where the volume gets put.

The Trendy Wolf January 27th, 2014 05:42 AM

Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive
Straightening pencils is definitely my sort of thing, and I tend to adjust a pencil multiple times before it's the way I like it. I arrange things that really have no purpose being organized, for example, I sit at my desk for hours focusing intently on organizing hundreds of colored pencils in a box by their color, and I would be so irritated by the fact that I didn't know where the grays and browns would go. I also spent a few hours making sure that every one of the tabs on an entire color pallet was equally spread apart and splayed out giving an amazing rainbow color effect.

Another thing that I experience, whether it is OCD or not, is that I always need to align things perfectly, in the real world and in video games. In a few of the shooters that I play, I may even move the bodies after I have killed them so that they look 'cool'. In other games, I enjoy map editors very much, but free moving rotation on objects with no locked degrees will annoy me immensely.


My OCD is often hard to notice as I also have severe ADHD, and when combined they form a horrific kind of person that's always frantically organizing, but always getting distracted by other unfinished tasks. My imperfections brought about by my ADHD provoke my OCD even more, and I'm constantly fighting myself within my own thoughts and telling myself to stop my outbursts, but to no avail. I'm always either playing with my fingers, cracking my knuckles, biting my lip, scrunching my whole face or grinding my teeth together, and my compulsiveness to crack my knuckles is the likely greatest impulse that I possess. I'm very certain that I am OCD, but it has not been diagnosed officially.

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