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Sere July 18th, 2017 12:00 AM

shall I share the tale?
Ok so in 7th grade my friends and partially I wrote a story thats is quite... well interesting... (you'll cringe your eyes out!) Would you like me to share it withh all of you..? Just say yes lmao

Coolteenboy July 18th, 2017 12:13 AM

Re: shall I share the tale?
Yes please

Desynchronized July 18th, 2017 01:08 PM

Re: shall I share the tale?
Yea man i luv cringe

Sere July 21st, 2017 12:27 AM

I'm posting it @Desynchronized @Coolteenboy

I did not fully write this. Not much of It was me but a group of like 6 7th grader and I wrote this... It's REALLY bad...
Also if you want more cringe tales I wrote tell me... I have plenty
Way of the Pooch
When the sun rose from above the mountains Sir. Poochalot was making pancakes with two of the royal poochers. During the day the pooches were doing their usual stuff like riding purple turtles and creating amazing artwork of pooches. The poochel was a very beautiful and big, castle that was fully taken over by pooches from the former dominators, the Humans. As Sir. Poochalot was walking by the schools, he saw many little poochlings and he once again felt happy of what he had achieved, because he was the king of the almighty pooches! There was a meeting at sundown with the pooch’s well known ally, the cats, and there was going to be a lot of good food (that of course was all he knew about the meeting). At sundown the poochers saw a group of adorable cats heading toward the poochel ,with a bunch of cake! Everybody near them when they entered the kingdom had a watering mouth. Once the cats arrived to the royal court, the meeting began. Everybody was talking and babbling . FluffKat,the cat king, interrupted all the babbling. “There is a problem, the dogs have risen.” announced Sir. FluffyKat, “NO WAY” exclaimed Sir. Poochalot. The dogs were a less evolved and extremely hostile version of the mighty pooches. “We defeated them very long ago, and that was with the strongest pooches in the world!” Yelled a Royal poocher. Sir. Poochalot decided there was only one thing he could do, and that was to find Poocholf the mighty Wizard! The meeting was put to an end and Sir. Poochalot along with six poochers went on the harsh journey to find Poocholf. First they needed to pass the steep mountain of Kahalolu. The team went to to mountain which was just over a plain from the poochel. The team kept climbing and climbing until sundown. Then they found a comfortable location the set up camp. “You get some wood, hey you two pitch the tent, make a fire you,and the rest of you scout the location!” barked Sir. Poochalot. When all of this was finished the group boiled some juicy rabbit stew, along with some stale bread, at the heat of a nice and cozy fire they ate their meal. Sir. Poochalot thought about the dogs that night, all he knew was this was not going to be an easy fight…
The next morning the group made some crisp bacon and deviled eggs. Then they continued to climb, seeming like they would never get to the top they stopped and looked around. The team found an old monk and he told them that they could not climb over it, and cannot get around it. If those things were impossible to achieve the team thought to make a way through the mountain. The poochers took out their pickaxes and started to mine a small tunnel through the mountain. This took two long days and in those days the pooches shivered in the cold while working hard to break the hard rock. Running out of food and hope, the poochers finally made it through, as soon as they were across they raced down the mountain and set up camp. Two poochers went out to hunt for some food and another went for water and firewood. When the three poochers returned with venison, firewood, and water, they started to make pork chops, then they put the pork to heat up on the fire, put some spices on and after a little while it sizzled with fat. While the team ate their meal, they discussed how they were going to get through the dangerous jungle, for it had many poisonous plants and scary predators. One pooch said to go around it, the other said they could not waist that much time and they had to go through it, they really had no choice because of how quick they needed to get poocholf so they decided to go through the jungle…
Once they were ready they set off again, they traveled for about two hours until they reached the bridge which led over a very steep canyon, they went one by one and safely made it across. Then a wild cat jumped out from behind the trees and startled one of the poochers and he fell into the steep canyon. Then four of the other poochers attacked the cat, their spears scared it away. “We should get moving, because that was nothing compared with what else we will find in this jungle” said Sir. Poochalot sadly. The team was in a single file line cutting through the jungle, the team was slowed down because of all of the plants in their way, then darkness loomed over the jungle but the team could not set up camp in this place because of all of all the vegetation, so they ate stale bread with some water. They kept traveling through the forest until the find a big plateau and a village in the middle, however while they tried to get there two poochers got stung by a poisonous plant and they were in a lot of pain so the team hurried to get to the village, when they got to the village they were surprised to find a whole colony of pooches that lived in the jungle, they went to a three story building that seemed to be the town hall and asked if they had a medic, the fellow pooches had never seen such people and they treated the team of pooches nicely and gave them a room in the inn and they also sent the two infected poochers to the local doctor, Poochster . While the two poochers were with the doctor, the nice pooches in the town provided Sir. Poochalot and his poochers with a feast! Sir. Poochalot however was worried about his two poochers, because he did not want any more of his pooches to die, he was worried if it was worth it to risk his poocher’s lives to get an old wizard…
The next morning the great healer healed both pooches during the night! “Amazing work!! I have never seen such a great healer in my life!” exclaimed Sir. Poochalot excitedly! “Healer would you like to join me in my quest to find the mighty poocholf?” asked Sir. Poochalot. “I would be honored to serve my king!” bellowed Poochster happily! So the team with their new member moved on to try and find the Utopian Dessert. The poochers brought 4 canteens full of water for the trip. After they passed the dessert they should be close to Poocholf’s tower. They traveled and traveled until the found the ruins of an old castle, they drank two of their canteens full of water and they looked around the castle for any well or source of water, instead they found a temple. When they walked in the found many treasures, and everything was encrusted in gold and silver, they did not take anything but they saw something interesting, a short pillar in the front, one of the poochers accidently leaned on it, and the whole thing sunk magically into the ground, then the walls started to be absorbed by some kind of portals, then the ground started to quake, and ravines seemed to appear everywhere then right under them the ground cracked shattering the gold and silver, encrusted walls, one of the poochers fell down, and another ran for his life, the rest of the poochers, Sir. Poochalot, and Poochster were on one last piece of ground, then a mystical wind blows from all around and Poocholf was flying in the air he then used his mystical winds to keep the piece of ground the team was on in the air and moved the whole chunk to safety. “You big baboons!” what were you thinking to lean on an ancient pillar!” Yelled Poocholf Angrily. “What happened” asked a poocher. “You guys destroyed the whole dessert is what happened, there is one of those pillars in each kind of terrain and you just destroyed all of the desert terrain! “Why were you there anyway? The dessert is not a place to picnic in!” asked Poocholf. “ We were trying to get to you Poocholf, we need you help because the dogs are back.” said a poocher…
The next morning the pooches started to eat breakfast- crisp juicy bacon alongside with deviled eggs made magically by Poocholf. The three poochers already had gulped down their bacon and eggs. So Poocholf got his mystical breeze and picked the team up and set off to get to the poochel. The team got to the mighty poochel in two days, there were a lot of dogs there they were shooting their dogapults and the pooches were fighting back with their poochapults it was a showdown, the walls managed to keep the ground dogs out but the dogapults kept shooting dogs into the poochel, soon the poochers that were on the walls were overrun by dogs. Poocholf blew away some of the dogs off of the wall, and then Sir. Poochalot jumped at them scaring a few over the wall, then Poocholf used his mystical wind to throw the mighty Poochster at the enemy, he
automatically slammed a couple of with his mighty stick and takes out a pie from his pocket and shoves it into the enemy! The dogs were stunned by his surprisingly powerful moves and while they were in a daze Sir. Poochalot attacked them and swept them away. Then everybody saw another army in the distance, and it seemed to be led by Sir. Fluffykat, they shot their bows, enough arrows were in the air to cover the sun, as soon as that happened the dogs were instantly all over the cat army, but then Poocholf used his magic to freeze all the dogs around the cats, separating them by a wall of ice, then he zapped another cluster of dogs that were breaking the gate, faltering their ranks another group of dogs attacked, this time they had bows with flaming arrows, they all shoot at Poocholf, unable to stop the barrage of arrows he got hit by a couple setting him on fire, he thankfully fell in a pond, but, now he smelled like mucky mud. The next target of those archers was the gate, they shot at it burning it to the ground, as the poochers inside the gates regrouped, the dogs already were inside swarming around the poochers many of them falling, Poochster and Sir. Poochalot saved them, sadly there was only seven of them left, all seven poochers were assigned to assisting in the evacuation. Next, twenty poochers came from the palace forming an arch they protected the gate from the attacking dogs. Poochster went back to the castle to heal the wounded, while Sir. Poochalot took out his rod that his ancestors had entrusted him with, he used it and zapped half of the enemy's forces to oblivion, then he got a few archers to help push back the army of dogs that were plugging the entrance, the next two days were rough and the dogs somehow pushed all of the pooches and poochers into the main palace and the poochers fought endlessly losing most of their poochers, then Sir. Poochalot swung his sword at the enemies taking out a few of them, then he swung his sword at another two but there were too many so he went to the porch on the tower and jumped…
Poocholf woke up, his clothes dirty and ragged, he was in a cage and he saw two guard dogs. He used his magic to turn the bars pale white then he struck them with lighting and then froze the two guards while running toward the exit, there were at least one hundred dogs all with very pointy spears, Poocholf shot twenty with lightning, another ten with fire balls and froze another fifty. Poocholf exhausted from using all of that magic picked up a spear and started fighting the other twenty, realizing there were too many and seeing reinforcements he used his mystical winds and shot himself across the land to the cat kingdom. The next morning he found himself in a room, on a bed, with a plate full with some fruit, fresh bread and some steak. He gulped it down and took some of the water next to it, then a rat came in the room. “Tell me, do you work for the king of pooches” said the mysterious rat, it had a very sharp tail, it was strong enough to cut off a pooches head“ No, I am helping him defend of kingdom, why” asked Poocholf . “ Well do you mind calling him here, I have important things to talk about” said the rat. Poocholf didn’t trust the rat, so he was planning an escape plan. “ Speak up before I call my friends” said the rat. “Just then I rat holding a tray of water came in. Poocholf knew it was the right time. He threw the pan in his face and flew away threw the glass window. “ He got me wet, now how will we kill the kitty kats”said the really angry rat holding the tray. I got a backup plan.” said the rat with the long tail. Then all the other rats came out and laughed evilly...
Sir. Poochalot had enough of this war. Sir. Poochalot jumped off the tower into the river. His heart was thumping hard, whenever he tried to breathe, water gushed into his mouth, he tried to get toward land but he saw too many dogs there. The few that were brave enough to follow him into the river were quickly overcome by the current. There was a waterfall out of the city soon, he had two options: to ride the current down the waterfall or dig his sword down into the mud at the bottom. The dogs with the bows made his mind up, there were five dogs with bows shooting away at him. Hoping they would get no lucky shots he rode the current down the waterfall. He fell into shallow water. He got injured on his left arm (the one he fell on), but that was all for the major injuries. Then he saw it, a blue sail and a white cloud on it, the symbol for the Pooches! Sir. Poochalot was saved, it was a royal poochship. “Help!” yelled Sir. Poochalot, the boat approached him and he was let inside. The boat was well kept and there were a total of six pooches, one healer, one captain, and four poochers. Two poochers led him onto the the ship. The Pooches sailed away from the war. One pooch took Sir. Poochalot to the captain’s quarters he treated him with pain killer and some antibiotics for any infections, but they were lucky and there were no infections. Then a poocher walked in the quarters and gave him some stinky cheese along with some bread. Sir. Poochalot refused and said it could become useful, (never). After that were two long days of storms, and no sign of land, one pooch was getting sea sick so he was allowed in the captain's quarters to rest along with Sir. Poochalot and the captain. One day in the sea a poocher noticed another ship, with a mast of cheese on it…
The rats were approaching the wonderful smell of stinky cheese coming from the ocean they wanted to hijack the shipment of cheese, though they had not idea that they could be fighting the most important part of the war. “Skipper, i'll go get the grappling hooks we need to board that ship and steal that mighty cheese from god!” yelled a rat. “CHEESE DOES NOT COME FROM GOD IT COMES FROM MOLD AND SPONGES! You dumb rat!” yelled the skipper, his shipmates were complete idiots they believed that cheese and water just fell from the sky! “ What is going on” yelled one of the pooches while they were under attack. “ Oh no, not the rats, we are too busy fighting the dogs” yelled Sir Poochalot. The rats shot a cannon at the ship, so know it is sinking. “ Help Meee…”said a pouch as he jumped off the ship and drowned. Sir Pouchalot was fighting the rats of , but was still sore. Then all of a sudden, he got an idea. He took the stink cheese and threw it at their ship. The rats then started attacking their own captain. “ Stop attacking me, attack the pooches, I give the cheese if you do”said the captain as they killed him. The rats sailed away but the ship was still sinking. Then we were lifted into the air on some strange island. Poochalot was shocked when he saw who it was. “Poocholf and Poochster, I can’t believe you are alive”said Sir Poochalot.” Yes but all our men are dead except these 20” said Poochster. “Indeed, but Sir Fluffal Cat is still having a hard time defending them off, but at least they are doing better than us. “ Well, Poocholf, you need to fly us back to help them” said Sir Poochalot “I can’t, I don’t have enough energy, get me some food if you want me to heal faster”said Poocholf. “ Don’t worry about that, I will go get food after I am done healing”said Poochster. “ Don’t worry, I’ll get the food” said Sir Poochalot. While Sir Poochalot is stranded on an island, Sir Fluffal Cat is fighting a war. “ Steve, go get molten lava so we can have fire archers, Bob get the sacrificing kitty kats, that will be launched into a catapult” Sir Fluffal Cat was yelling. “ Sir FluffyKat, don’t get mad, everyone is trying their best, there is only around 100 dogs left”said kitty kat. “ Yay, but only 20 of us” said Sir Fluffal Kat. He fell down the wall. A dog sliced his elbow. Sir Fluffal Kat got mad. He killd 10 dogs in one go. He saw kitty kats get launched and fiery arrows everywhere. More dogs were wailing. The sky was blood red and there was smoke everywhere, it was chaotic. They stood a chance when only 10 pouches were left, but then someone came, it was spyro. “ My king, I have bad news, 1 year ago, you sent me to spy on they rats and tell you what they are planning,right”said Spyro. “Yes, why do you ask, don’t you see we are having war”said Sir Fluffal Cat, as he stared a dog to death. It was brutal. “Well, they may or may not be coming”said Spyro. “What” a kitty kat said . He jumped of and suicide.” Right now, our men are still weak”said Sir Fluffal Kat. “ Well, only the dog leader is left, maybe we can force him into doing us a favor” said Spyro. Sir Fluffal Kat thinked for a while. “Spyro my man, you are a genius” said Sir Fluffal Kat. The rats came charging in into 3 groups, but why. The rat leader, Ratly Syrus, came head to head with Sir Fluffal Kat. Both of them were fearless, but Sir Fluffal Kat looked deadly.” We had been enemy since dawn of time, but now only 1 can survive, and that will be us”. “We shall see”said Sir Fluffal Kat. He pushed Ratly Syrus to the floor. The rats backed off. A firework hit the sky all colorful. That was the signal , another war has started. While Sir Fluffykat might die from the rats, Sir Poochalot was still stuck on the island. Poochster had all the men healed and gave them food to restore them to full energy. The men got new weapons and shield out of stone and were ready to fight. “Are you fully healed Poocholf, this battle relies on you” asked Sir Poochalot. “ Yes I just need a new wand, will get me some wood Poochster” asked Poocholf.” I will go with him”said Sir Poochalot. They also got food for the journey while they got wood. They had been walking for 30 minutes straight so Poochster sat and fell down. He landed in a secret tunnel. “ Poochester, are you okay”asked Sir Poochalot. “Yes”Poochster replied. “Don’t worry, I get Poocholf” yelled Poochalot. Poochester explored the tunnel, he saw something glow. Blooo. A arrow got shot in his arm. He crawled the rest of the way dodging the arrows . He saw a golden sandwich. He was about to eat it since he was so hungry,but he was lifted out of
the tunnel. “ Poochster are you okay” asked Sir Poochalot. “ Ya” he said. But then. Poochster was turned into a chicken. “ Why did you do that Poocholf” poochster asked. “ For falling in a hole and wasting my magic”. “Do I have to stay like this” asked Poochster.”Poocholf nodded. They flew back to Adorable Land to help Sir Fluffal Cat, they weren’t doing that good. But Sir Fluffal Cat.” You will never conquer my land” said Sir Fluffal Kat. “ You know we will win, that is why you made all your warriors archers, so they do not die” said Ratly Syrus. He’s doing okay, he killed a lot, but more kept on coming. Then, all the rats fumbled. While flying, Poochster clumsy little arms made him slip and the golden sandwich fell
He freaked out because he was afraid it would go in the dog hands. Sir Fluffal Kat saw the sandwich and took it since he needed energy for the fight. He took it and ate it. Everything froze in time. He started to glow. He had been hulkinazed, maybe even stronger. He started to step on all the rats. The rats climbed him and bit on him. He fell down, killing all the rats on them. He jumped into the air making a earthquake after he landed. Sir Poochalot thought of an idea to help. He went to his castle, and took his sacred sword that has been passed on for generations. When he used it’s powers,
They strated the enemies.Then Poocholf, shot lighting from the sky, blue lightning, the strongest of them all. Burning dogs to death. You could see the fierce look in his eyes. Poochster may be a healer, but he is also smart, he placed pie ,that the kitty kats made for the army, everywhere so all the rats and dogs would slip and fall off the canyon (don’t ask why there is a canyon near their kingdoms). It was gory red, smoke everywhere, it was one fierce battle.But then Sir Fluffal Kat did the most deadliest thing ever. He… had…farted. His fart was so big, it killed all the rats.They all cried have mercy on us. They had won the war , that was what they thought, but they were wrong. Another group had came. Remember there were 3 groups. The 1st is the strong rats, the 2nd is smart rats one, and the 3rd one is the rat's quick one. They had came, but they came with jetpack. They threw smoke bombs so no could see except for Sir Fluffal Kat. They had his weakness. He tried to hit them but they would fly away. Then Poocholf struck them with lightning destroying their jetpacks. “Nice job Poocholf, but 1 thing, how will we find them”asked Sir Poocholot. “ When we run into them, now stay together”said Poocholf. Then they heard a scream, then another one. “What was that “asked Poochster afraid. “Don’t worry, I will go check”said Spyro as he left before he could have been warned. One minute ago, they were they most stongest thing ever, but now trapped in a maze. The group ran and ran the maze had such high walls that they could see nothing. “How did this maze get here?” asked a pooch. “The rats were probably trying to get back at us for using them as lab rats and putting them in mazes!” said bob. “BOB HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE, WHY IS EVERYBODY GOOD DEAD BUT YOU ARE HERE!!!” Yelled someone. “What I can’t hear you” said bob. Then he got shot in the head and fell to the ground. “ Well how would you hear him if he is dead”said Mr.Fatso, someone's assistant. “ Shut up Mr.Fatso, you guys are all dumb”said someone. “ Ooch, he got shot in the brain”said a kitty kat. “No he didn't, how would he got shot in the brain if he dosen’t have one”said someone. They runned for their lives, putting their shields above their head for protections. More pouch and kitty noises were made, dying ones. They landed in a strange room with treasure, it looked like the middle. Then a group of rats attacked. They slayed them, but their were too many rats protecting the room. They ran for it. “Now how will we get to that room, if we don’t remember where it is”said Poocholf. “ Ow, I did what Poonsel and Poochtel , leave a trail of chalk”said Sir Poochalot smirking. “Where did you get chalk?” asked Pooshster. “I stole it from your first aid kit, why do have that thing”asked Sir Poochalot. “ Why did you steal it “ asked Poochster. Then they kept on talking back and forth.” Not now, we need to get back in that room” said Poocholf. “Also, don’t forget, we need to find Spyro”said Sir Fluffal Kat. Meanwhile Spyro also saw that room, he went inside and spotted something with the speck of his eye, the fog machine. He threw a ninja star at and the machine exploded. While on the escape, 2 rats were standing behind him and tied him to a log. “ The fog is gone”said Poocholf. He flew into the air about to throw a fireball until a rat with a jetpack pushed him out of the air. He was also tied to the log. Sir Fluffal Kat got mad and squished the rat. Then other jetpack rats elected him and he fell on the maze, creating a big gap in the middle. Sir Poochalot was by himself. He took his men and went for a full on attack. He was mad. He threw his emergency bombs on them, zapped them with Poocholf wand which he dropped as he fell. But he was barely doing a dent. Then Spyro stole Poochster’s pocket knife( Pooshster just ran inside the base and got tied up, he was freaking out) and broke the rope and freed everyone. They were mad, especially Poochster, he took out his barb wire from his first aid kit and cutted off everyone's head. Poocholf whacked them with his wand. But then, Sir Fluffal Cat woke up in range. He jumped and squeezed all the rats. Sir Poochalot captured 1 of the rats and tied it to a log. Everything destroyed, the maze and the rats nothing was left except a hole on the middle of where the maze was.” “So that where the random canyon come from”said Spyro. “Yup, from huge hulk sized Kitty Kats”said Sir Fluffal Kat. “ Besides that, what do you keep in that First Aid Kit, chalk, pocket knife and a barbed wire, what else do you have”asked Poocolf .”You don’t want to know, plus, they might come in handy like right now”said Poochster.”Will you all stop gossiping, we have a prisoner on our hand”, said Sir Poochalot “Sorry ”everyone said. “ Now let me do my thing”said Spyro. He shoved Poochster pocket knife under the rats chin.” Tell me your weakness”asked Spyro, threatening him.” I will never say”said the rat. Then Poochster, being smart, showed him cheese.”Cheeeeeeeeessssssssseeeeeeeeeeee”said the rat. “Now tell me your weakness”asked Spyro. “ Why are you asking, we already know, it is cheese”said Poocholf. “Indeed, Spyro and Poochster, get cheese from the kingdom, quickly they are coming”said Sir Poochalot. Boom. A firework lid up. That was a signal that the rats were coming. They ran up the hill, trying to get an advantage. “Wait, don’t go, stay I have a plan” said Sir Fluffal Kat. “ Well, tell us”said Poocholf.” Just ,wait and watch”said Sir Fluffal Kat. Everyone trusted Sir Fluffal Cat, but they were all still nervous. Then they came running super fat. “ What were think Sir Fluffal Kat, now how will we escape now”said Sir Poochalot. Then they were gone in second, poof. “ Come on out Dogriod”said Sir Poochalot. Then a big giant dog come out from under the ground. “ What “said said Sir Poochalot ,ready to kill it. “ Don’t kill our prisoner”said Sir Fluffal Kat. “ Our prisoner, go fetch my staff”said Poocholf as he threw his staff. Then the dog bit his butt and Poocholf looked at the dog disgusted. Then the dog ran away ,in the rats direction. “Oh no, he is running away”said Sir Poochalot. He ran after the dog but fell down the hill covered in mud. He threw his sword at the dog’s foot, hurting him, and slowing down. But they still couldn’t catch up. Sir Fluffal Kat ran to the rats instead, killing all of them, stuck in a hole. But then he streaked down back to normal, then he was stuck in the hole. He killed them all that were in the hole, tired ,and ran back to the hill. Poochster and Spyro came back. There faces were stunned. “ What happened to you”said Poochster feeling bad. “I mean your, staff,sword and sandwich effect has been gone and suddenly the ground started to rumble and a rat bigger than a castle appears and charges everyone dives into cover except for poochster who is swallowed by the rat. “What rat don't eat pooches and cats cats eat rats.” said King Fluff cat. Charge “Yells” sir
Sir Poochalot who jumps and stabs the beast and clinging to the sword for dear life. Poocholf who made a new wand charging forward as the rat took it and snapped it. Then Poocholf stabbed the rat after his new wand was broken. Sir Fluffal cat was getting Spyro to help fight.He then comes back with Spyro and they see Poocholf and Sir Poochalot clinging to the rat for their lives. .Spyro poisons the rat and Sir Fluffal cat stabs it in the eyes and watches it bleed to death. While it was dieing it poops and Poochster climbs, out of the poop looking really angry. “Who do we fight now” asked Sir Poochalot. “We feast tonight” said Sir Fluffal Kat…

Just JT July 21st, 2017 08:43 AM

Re: A cringe tale (Way of the pooch)
This is a long story. Not one I can read all in one sitting lol!!
I might suggest breaking it down into shorter easier to read stories and update it when you have more to add and notify members who wana keep up on it. Perhaps even in a diary section would be cool.

Story could go on for as long as you like that way

Desynchronized July 21st, 2017 09:18 AM

Re: shall I share the tale?
Where? @hjhj

Sere July 21st, 2017 11:33 AM

Re: shall I share the tale?

Originally Posted by Desynchronized (Post 3548906)
Where? @hjhj

Phosphene July 21st, 2017 11:50 AM

Re: shall I share the tale?
Threads merged. ~Amethyst Rose

That's a story like no other xD

Desynchronized July 21st, 2017 12:15 PM

Re: shall I share the tale?
Lol not as cringey as i expected. Was a good one either way lmao.

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