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Not sure if this will delete my Last Blog or not, But, I am just completely bored!
So how is everyone doing?
I start my work expirience on Monday! Then it is Christmas, Then i turn 16, Then 2 months left of school! I AM SO EXCITED!
Well i got nothing to say ha ha.
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Today has been a whirl wind of emotions!

Posted May 20th, 2013 at 01:35 PM by Dimentio

Well today i woke up sad, I saw Nicole and acted happy and nice, We had our usual heart to heart chats, Then in Scoff she said her arm hurt so i asked what happened, She was telling me then Lauren went "NO ONE CARES!" And it really upset me and Nicole! (By the way Lauren is always playing with Nicole's heart and emotions).
So we walked off after a while, Then we went into Jill's lesson, But she led us into a class with three different classes in one small room and i am used to my class of people ranging from 18-19 but we all look the same age, So being in a class with even more people and the age groups looking different and me being in the middle of the class, I had an anxiety attack and had to leave and i ended up crying.
Waited all lesson and now i feel bad for this but at the moment i was pissed off so i didn't but Jill (She is kinda bitchy and mean but is really sweet and funny too on rare days), She said "Have you got any coursework to do Kieran?" Also in a bad voice for me leaving and entering when i wanted, I said "Yes, But i don't give a fuck", We had a stare down and everyone went quite XD
I feel SO bad for it now though! D': And then in Scoff again Lauren was asking people if they fount me attractive and if i find people attractive but i got bullied like this in school before as people did it in a mean and bitchy way so it was bringing up memories and i was upset but then Nicole got upset but the thing is, Lauren KNOWS she is upsetting you and that you are upset but she don't give a fuck so she carried on and i just put my head down and no one knew but i was crying.
And i was like that for about 20 minutes or so and i must of looked tired as i had my head down, Eyes opening and shutting a lot and rubbing them and some boys walked past and went "Awwww bless him he must be so tired!" Which made me blush but yeah haha, Then in Nikki's lesson i was trying to tell Lauren something but she only seems to pick up on ME talking! So i got told off for talking AGAIN!
So i ended up helping Nicole with her coursework even more and didn't talk much and i was even more sad!
But then we was laughing so hard throughout that lesson over such stupid shit and then after that i just spent all my time laughing, Then something happened to make me super sad again but i forgot what, Then college ended and me and Nicole were talking about Lauren and how obvious it made me sad and her, Even though Joe was there haha.
So me, Joe and Nicole went down town, And we had fun and went to the chip shop, And this guy was really sweet and made us happy and was so nice! And we was so happy after this, Then i got home okay and nice and said hello to everyone and Kayden has been out since Thursday with Paul's mum and dad, So i was saying hello to everyone and saw Kayden and forgot he was gone for a moment and was like "Hello Kayd-KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN!" And i got my hug from him and asked him how he was with nan and granddad and if he liked it and he answered me and he asked what was in my bag so i showed him my work and the second question he asked "Where's Nic-ole?" XD I fount it so funny and cute! :3
So i had a bad and good day, REALLY do not want to go to work tomorrow but i have to -_-
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