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Welcome to my blog everyone! I hope you enjoy my interesting posts, and am excited to make some new friends this way perhaps. Thank you for reading :)
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Blog #10: What Girls Look For In Guys (Top Qualities)

Posted February 5th, 2016 at 01:56 AM by maniamsmart

Ever wondered why you're not getting girls, and every other guy is? Or why the "alpha males" seem to get all the girls, and why it always seems like girls like "assholes" over the "good guys"? It has to do a lot with how you act, and the traits and qualities you have. Check out [URL=""]my most recent video[/URL] I made, if you don't want to read all of this :P Hopefully you find this helpful, and hopefully it gives you some insight into girls.

A lot of people simply wake up, eat, work, sleep, and continue the routine. People with passion have drive, a purpose, something they care about. A lot of times these people are interesting. Interest leads to interaction, enthusiasm, etc.

Cliche, yeah, I know. Don't mistake this for arrogance, don't be selfish, disrespect others, be humble, don't lower other's' values. Confidence is knowing what your worth, what you're capable of, even if people bring you
down. It's not about failing, but rather getting past the fail and succeeding. Confidence is working for what your worth and not expecting it or deserving it. Dont whine, push through, don't let people walk over you.

Someone who understands what it means to be a woman, understands them, listens to them, don't see them as inferior, see them as equals. Seeing someone as an equal is crucial in a relationship.

Yes, being smart actually counts for something. Doesn't it somehow connect to confidence a little maybe? If you finished high school learning doesn't end, if you finished college learning doesn't end. Learning never ends. Connect to passion? A person who wants to improve themself, learn about the world, actually use their time wisely than spend hour playing black ops trying to get a better KDA.

Everyone loves to laugh, girls love to laugh. Feeling down, feeling sad, laughing would cheer her up, wouldn't you want to laugh? A compatible sense of humor, one that you share, you can make each other laugh is very important. Those who have that, tend to be more socially experienced and intelligent. Laughter decreases stress, helps the brain function. It makes people feel better, you're making a girl feel good!

Sure can be important. Every girl and woman is going to like something different though. There is no clear cut way to look, you can be tall, short, bald, skinny, muscled, long hair, short hair, mustache, clean shave, beard, etc. But where a lot of commonality comes into play is with these traits. Looks definitely have an impact but everyone's preference is different. Don't worry about how you should look, but worry about looking how you want to look, and present yourself in a clean, nice fashion, showing that you care about yourself, and then you'll be in the game.

Girls do you agree? Guys, do you think you fit some of these?

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