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Lets Make Them Say, "Damn Girl Lemme Hit That." In a Completely Platonic Matter.

Posted February 4th, 2013 at 02:48 AM by Loveless-Wrists


In regards to... that title of horse shit, I am here to basically get my ideas for the future out.
I want to get weight loss surgery. I mean, I am 5'7" and I already get up to 130pounds on bad days.... The lowest I have gotten recently has only been 124pounds. Clearly I have problems...

Now I want to get the surgery the reduces the size of your stomach, I am trying to do that on my own by restricted eating, but I keep binging (

[I](all whorey like, yeah Siena drink that chocolate calorie sauce, mmmm best it taste good in the cow juice~~// I don't think I will ever be able to write porn dialogue....)[/I]

Now I know I will hear the, "You are so skinny like oh my god what." And the lovely, "THINK OF THE POOR STARVING CHILDREN!!" I always hear it. It's not that I don't care for the starving children, because I do. I would do anything to help them, [SIZE="1"]but in all honesty compairing me wanting to be thin and the starvation of nations isn't fair to eithe parties.[/SIZE] And perhaps yeah, I am not morbidly obese or anthing. [B][U]Yet[/U][/B]. I know in time my addictions to food is going to make me even bigger....

So I don't know because this is more me and my face deciding, but I really want to find a way to get this surgery. With out it I will never reach my goal weight. And that literally kills me inside. But there is a chance I could die, I don't actually care about that though... Beauty = Pain, as they say in Fashion. (I think they stopped due to some people pulling the "Oh hell no! Gurrrrl!" thing, sayin everyone is beautiful you don't need to try bullshit. :/

But my momma always said I was beautiful, and when I am skinny so will everyone else!
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