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Some tips to lose weight and gain muscle

Posted April 5th, 2013 at 04:16 AM by Magus

Meal Time And Portion Size.

Breakfast has to be the heaviest meal. 2 bowls or even 7 bowl of cereal will not cut it. It needs to be diversified. I think just avoid cereal, and try something else.

Your body needs various vitamins and mineral to function to its maximum potential.

You should add eggs, if you are not allergic; oatmeal with warm milk; cheese(cottage) or milk; morning fruits like Apple and Strawberry and honey or jam. Avoid processed cheese.

Vegetables like cucumber, small tomato(yeah, I know it is a fruit), celery and some other herbs like Parsley or Thyme are a good addition to the egg, as well as black pepper. Avoid refined bread, crackers and refined sugars. Even brown wheat or whole wheat won't do it, gluten is gluten.

For drinks. Milk, water or tea(or milk tea, which is made out of the three listed XD) will do more than enough. Avoid packed juices. Avoid, even, fresh fruit juices.

Mix and mash the above and add some addition. Monotony is a killer to any diet or weight loss program.

You should know how to cook those yourself. Cooking is a good therapy.

You don't need to fill your tummy to the full. But it should be satisfying enough to kick start your day.

If you are heavy in the breakfast, you won't feel hungery or need a calorie-filled food throughout the day.

Add at least one source of protein in it. I prefer free-range eggs for that.

--It should be at most 600 calories and at least 400 calories. Yes. It is the most vital meal, so don't ruin it.

Next is lunch. Well, in my region, we eat breakfast quite early, but lunch is well away in the afternoon. We eat lunch at 1-3 o'clock.

Now, this is the second most important meal. In this one, you have to add one good source of protein. It doesn't matter if it is fish, egg, poultry or lamb. But it should have some decent amount. If not animal sourced. Plant sourced is a good alternative. All kinds of beans and lentils are a good source. Hummus or fava bean are good choices for a reason. They are easy to digest and tasty(well, to some).

You can do well with unrefined rice, millet, buckwheat instead of bread made out of regular wheat. Add some another source of carb, like yogurt. Always add in some more herbs and condiments.

After an hour and half. Add in some couple of fruits.

This way, you're pumped and ready for your training.

-- This meal has to be at least 400 and at most 500.

And finally comes the dinner.

Dinner is basically a combo of lunch and breakfast. And you have to go lightest on this one. Never consume heavy stuff dinner. Also, eat it at least 3 hours away from bedtime.

Dinner has to be the last meal, and that's it. No after dinner fruit or snack.

--And it should be less than 400 calories.

A snack after breakfast, and after lunch. And that's it. They both should be under the 200 calories.

Avoid sodas, sweets and processed packed food at all cost. Always use new and fresh ingredients.

Now let us add up with what we got.

B 600 + L 400 + D 400 + S 400 = 1800 calories. This is the minimum for any person. Going any less will not yield any good results.

Don't aim for that. If your daily caloric need is 3000. You need to consume to 2700 to 2500 to properly lose weight without compromising anything. The more you shed weight, the less you need to consuming, up until you reach the 1800 range
Exercise And Weight Loss

I am not an expert, but I will tell as much as I know from what I have read from several sources and my own experience.

How you lose fat, and which energy your body consumes truly depends on what you are doing.

There is a lot of talks how a body takes energy straight from food, and how that it takes straight from store fat.

But you see, when you do aerobic for longer than 10 minutes, on using intervals and sprinting cycle, your body sees that you need the energy you ate earlier in the day, and that it needs to consume calories straight from fats to do this workout, but the amount of fat lost is very minimal. Mostly long, low-mid-high cycled intensity worked out removes body fat directly. But there are really some real positive behind this. You will have a high metabolism. You will have a natural anti-depressant and feel-good hormones released in your body. Your heart and lungs will function as they way the meant to. You will be able to sprint longer and run faster.

After the Aerobic, your body gets tired and you still want to lose calories. How? Anaerobic. Once you begin that, it takes energy stores in your muscle. And if you are on caloric deficit, your body will take from the fat store to use as energy while replenishing the glycogen reserve. Your muscle growth and repairment are done by protein, and not from fat. Fast, high-intensity workout is a good way to utilize body fat after the exercise. In addition to that, strength training and anaerobic exercise increases your muscle mass, thereby increasing your daily caloric need - and if you are doing the above, you are aiding fat loss. Moreover, you will have a better, leaner physique with strong muscles and bones.

It is the same reason why trainers and professionals recommend skinny people to eat 100 to 300 calories more than what they need if they want to have a healthy muscle growth. The same applies for long distance runners. You just need more to do more. If you do more, and you don't have it, your body will take it from its own reserves.

As I have alluded earlier. The more you exercise, the more you are capable to lose fat, as you you will have a good metabolism to counter your slow metabolism, and a high caloric intake because of the grown muscle to finish out body fats.
More Exercise Tips

Repeat these mantras:

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
Water. Water. Water. Water.
Warm up before exercise. Warm up before exercise. Warm up before exercise. Warm up before exercise.
Stretch after exercise. Stretch after exercise. Stretch after exercise. Stretch after exercise.

Avoid supplement scam. The only supplement I take is fish oil, Omega-3 which contains both EPA and DHA in 2:1 ratio omega-3 softgel. This helps reduce inflammation in my joints. I would have eaten other sources, such as prawn, but I am allergic to them. And there has been some serious bans in Fishing these days.

You will hear Glutamine, Amino Acids, Creatine and Protein by scammers. Glutamine is made by your body naturally, if you are healthy. Protein and essential amino acids is easily taken from animal and plant protein sources - you need 1 to 2 gram for each of your body weight in kilos to get the daily requirement to build and recover enough muscles. Creatine is also naturally made. All of these supplements will cause damage to the liver and kidneys, as they needs to be detoxed and converted to something body can use(same reason why people tell you it is better to use unhealthy dose of refined sugar instead of artificial sweeteners - the more closer to nature, the better).

You don't have to do anaerobic everyday. Do it after every two to one day rest, as you need recovery.

It is best to join a gym. If money is involved. Body gets motivated to do it.

Cycling, treadmill, elliptical device and swimming are the best cardio exercise machines you can find. The more high-impact, the more muscle you gain but the more inflammation in the joint. Barbells, dumbbells and rope machines are needed for your upper body strength exercises.

Allot days for each muscle group. For example, Monday is reserved for Biceps and Triceps. Wednesday is for traps, deltoid and lower back. Thursday is for chest, core and legs, and so on. By the time you reach your next week, that muscle group will be long recovered.

Whether doing isolation exercises or compound exercises is entirely up to you. I personally begin with one, and move to the next, and so on in that particular cycle.

You don't need to have DOMS to know that you did a good workout. If you got tired, and couldn't weightlift anymore. Know that you have done a good workout to that muscle.

Hopefully these should make sense to you.

Yes, it is hard work and needs some serious dedication. But the payoff is good.

For me, the tightest pants, and the pants I couldn't wore are now falling without a new strong belt. XD

If any information is faulty herein. Please inform me privately.
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