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Gaming Scene and the Xbox 360.

Posted February 27th, 2010 at 03:17 AM by Magus

Firstly, Gaming scene comes back from the 80's and not in 2001 and beyond.

One of the first gaming console we all remember was the Atari2600.
we don't need to go into the specifics.

The next gaming console would be NES followed by SMS. And since 1986, games were made up until it hit 1992, there were no other games to be made of high graphical caliber and . When Nintendo released, their next console hit and moved the whole world; SNES, even though Sega genesis was there but it wasn't enough to hold SNES.

The time of SNES it was called the Golden Age of RPG, because series of games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior came along with other listed games.

They were few compared to the next RPG golden Console.
Gamers spent hours and hours to play these beautiful games.

Later, on 1995 Sega Saturn became a failure, even near the 1997, SNES made the world happy.

But in the same year of Sega Saturn release, a new 32 - Bit CD driven game console released and goes by the name PS.

It hosts more than ~200 JRPGs, more than enough to satisfy a gamer.

Even N64 was a failure, it had it is go ups and downs, it didn't had many RPGs, and due to the cartridge limitation, there were no 3D rendered movies, music was less and graphics were almost same of PS. Even though it had a 64-Bit engine.

PS was a successful console, its production stopped in 2006. The time of PS3 international release.

PS didn't hosted many FPS due to the engines limitation of the system.

Most gamers are either JRPGers and FPSers. FPSer found it more convient in their console that is X360, but that wasn't 15 years ago, it happened 4 years back.

So, it isn't for those Hardcore gamers.

Hardcore gamer, like me, wouldn't just go and buy and own every console. They suffice with enough games, even they don't like to 100% a game.

I don't have PS3 and Xbox360. But, For those born prior 1995, knows how it went i.e the 7th gen Console.

We truly enjoyed the 6th gen console era. With Playstation 2 and even CameCube, Xbox and all those consoles.

I can say, the graphics section was good, but the to cost the graphics, stories became poorer and many thing left unattended. And thus, the golden age of RPG was over and other genera went top.

Think of Need For Speed underground and the FF-X. How did it hit the us to the ground in at the beginning. Few games started to get tweaked, but story wise they got lesser.

Any ways. Xbox360 is not of a high caliber but it is a comparable to PS3.

They have done good in 3D animation draw engine and the Pixel Shader and the projection of colours and the Physics. This would make a good FPS and Racing and etc. As both the genres(and other) needs it more than anything else.

I admit it is a good in terms of Graphics and everything and it is the first console to match PS3.

But it is something minute to be compared to the work and time done when the technology-less period where the forefather of console video games of the olden times were a hit.

Well, that's it for me. Good bye for now.
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    zer0's Forum Picture
    I have a PS3 & I honestly think it's worth it. I'm not very convinced with the Xbox.
    Posted February 27th, 2010 at 05:19 PM by zer0 zer0 is offline

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