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I have decided to write about my life. why not?
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I'm good at something!

Posted February 7th, 2009 at 12:52 AM by Jean Poutine

Today we did tachiwaza randori, also known as "stand-up fighting".

I was paired with a brown belt. Me being white, he obviously went easy on me, told me when I had opportunities and what to do against attacks. I don't claim I totally destroyed him or anything, because I would be lying, first of all, and that's not the goal of randori.

I am, however, claiming I did get a few great shots of my own, without my partner's guidance, although I admit that I missed more opportunities than I saw.

At first, as soon as I saw him start to sprawl a little, I tugged him towards the ground and went with a seoi otoshi, which is basically grabbing an arm and dropping to your knees, kind of. Clean throw. We got up.

Then I noticed he was spreading his legs a little too much so I pulled him to me, went in his face and went with an o uchi gari, an inner reaping move. Another clean throw.

I then missed a few osoto gari attempts that he pointed out to me, and I made him sprawl again. I tried a tomoe nage, which is the stereotypical ninja circle throw, for kicks. I had never practiced this throw before and kinda messed it up, but EVERYONE has tried it at least once in randori.

Anyway, the whole point of it was, I got a few good shots and learned a bunch from the brown belt about o soto gari opportunities. He seemed surprised I was a white belt because I fall well and pulled off some crap way out of my curriculum.

What got me all fuzzy feeling is that the head sensei was watching us square off, and after practice he told me I was coming out good and that he was impressed, and the brown belt agreed.

It's such a nice feeling! I'm succeeding in a sport I have talent for when I've never been good at sports at all usually, but what's nicer is being recognised. Just being told that you're good gives a lot of drive. Everyone over there is really nice, I finally feel at home in a group and I'm happy I'm being supported.

I can honestly say judo changed my life at this moment. I can walk with my head up now because I'm being good at something I never managed to be good at before : sports.

It might seem silly but I feel that much more complete.
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    Awesome, man. Seriously.

    Posted February 7th, 2009 at 01:14 AM by Kiros Kiros is offline

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