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Entry 1-New School

Posted August 17th, 2011 at 04:12 AM by Wakesetter03

I've never written a blog. I've never really written much at all to be honest. I thought I would give it a go, mainly because it's here and convenient. Most likely it will be me rambling on about my life, so I doubt I'll get many readers. But if it will amuse me for fifteen minutes, I'm already winning.
To begin my blog I'll start with*a major issue in my life at the moment: school. Having been transferred from a private school to a public school much closer to home with (and I'll be honest) better resources and better reported results, it's been a bit of a culture shock for me.
Having changed school a few times due to my fathers job, its not necessarily anything new. Except this is my first public school. And its not like I've never been to a public school before because my family believes that public schools are horrible, or that private schools are better - because from experience they're not - it's just been that they have been the most convenient at each stage of my life, location wise. Education wise, my new school which I won't name for obvious reasons, is better set up and more driven than any private school I've attended, and there isn't any required religious education!*
Now to cut my rambling, I'll get to the point.
At all of my previous schools I have never had an issue socially, I've never been bullied or anything like that and I've always been able to make close friendships right away.*
Unfortunately it's not the same at my new school.

My new school is in a well off area, about 10 minutes from my house. but the catchment of the school spreads out to the more middle to lower class areas. I'm not going to lie, I'm not in either of those classes. You do the math and using powers of deduction you'll determine which class I belong to. You don't realise how close I am to a new age ramble about society being separated into groups which affect children. But
I'll save you the brain cells because I'm not very new age and I'm way to opinionated.
But I digress.*
Let me set the scene for you. My dad is dropping me off. I don't see him much and he couldn't get me to school on time at my last school - which I had been going to for the past two years - if we left at 6am to be there at 8:30am.
I started on a Monday, the start of the week to make it easier. The school has an assembly in it's hall every Monday. Noticing that we were late, my dad decided to drop me off right outside of the hall.
So here I am, sitting in the front of my dad's car, which is driving down the street to the hall (it's a large school). My dads car is standing out amongst the parked cars on the road shoulder like Jeremy Clarkson at a Green Living convention.
The cars parked on the side of the road are teachers cars I think, I still haven't found out. The only place for my dad to park is in a No Standing zone right out of the gate. Dad pulls up and I find myself looking into the courtyard of the hall where my grade, grade 10, are getting into form classes before entering.*
To bored students, a new kid getting out of a Porsche SUV is much more interesting than listening to the teacher prattle on about straight lines for entering the assembly.

To prevent this blog from being novel length, I'll cut to the chase. This school is harder for me socially than any other school I've ever attended.*I haven't been bullied, no one has tried to beat me up, but I've found a lot of the people have been difficult to get along with.
I've got a few friends from work that I've been hanging around with, but whenever I've tried speaking with their friends, they've either been complete arseholes or treating me like a ticking time bomb.*
I'll admit, I've done my fair share of being an arse. I suppose this is karma's way of showing that I shouldn't be so quick to judge, be it because of someone's looks, personality, or their parents car. So next time you open your mouth with that shut down comment to the nerd, the arrogant wannabe, or the rich/poor kid, remember that sometime in the future, it could be you. And as I have found out, it's not the nicest feeling.
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  1. Old Comment
    Saosin's Forum Picture
    Are you involved any any clubs or teams?
    It's a great way to meet new people.

    I went to private school kindergarten through eighth grade.
    It was a drastic change going from a total of 50 people between the two home room classes to 300 freshman alone.

    I played basketball, ran cross country and ran track.
    I also joined our engineering club if you will.

    Not only does joining clubs or sports introduce you to new people. It puts you in a room or situation with people interested in at least one thing that you are. You're more likely to make a connection with the students.

    People will judge you because of your wealth.
    But you will eventually find your niche among students.
    It might take a little while, so just keep your head up and be yourself!
    Posted August 18th, 2011 at 01:21 AM by Saosin Saosin is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Wakesetter03's Forum Picture
    I have signed up for the cross country and Kakoda Trail. I am also trying out for the schools soccer team. I have had a bit of luck whilst people get used to me but it's still strange and awkward.

    Basically, I'm just trying to kill time until people get over it.
    Posted August 20th, 2011 at 03:32 AM by Wakesetter03 Wakesetter03 is offline
  3. Old Comment
    That was a very enjoyable read, not due to you're situation, not at all, but due to the fact that you are indeed a very good, talented writter. I loved that you were grammatically correct, good to see some people on this forum website still appreciate and do not decide to butcher the English language.

    I'm an Australian also (Great to see some more Aussies on this site) and if you are looking for someone to have a friendly chat with about this feel free to come and say hello, i have moved schools a fair few times and may be able to relate to you on this issue.

    I do hope this situation has resolved or at least improved since you wrote this, if not, i will always be here for you bud, i look out for my fellow Australians, hope to hear from you, all good either way.

    Cheers, Jimmy.
    Posted September 6th, 2011 at 08:56 AM by jimmy-magic jimmy-magic is offline

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