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3rd Part In 'Tough Love'

Posted December 27th, 2010 at 05:10 PM by Mrs.KermitTheFrogx

When she woke up in the morning she saw a note placed on her stomach which read “what an amazing night last night your lover Robert <3” as she read the words it made her want to rip it up yet somehow wanting to know what other lies he could come up with next , how so many lies could be told in such a small note she cried slightly , punched the couch cushions and ripped up the note into so many pieces that even so that the best detective couldn’t figure out what this piece of lies said ... that was her mistake she just broke down onto the floor she took a look at the clock and saw it was almost 9am she new that Lilly would wake up any minute she ran upstairs as quietly as she could, She looked in the mirror and hated what she saw , she felt so dirty she hated herself now she let a dreary eye look at her eye-liner line down her soft pale cheek , she walked into her sisters room , shook her head then jumped into the shower she rubbed her skin as hard as she could to try and feel clean again but she couldn’t, she grabbed a cloth and rubbed her skin hard until it went red but she couldn’t whatever she did wouldn’t make the dirty feeling go away, her eyes leaked again but this time... she felt numb she stared down at her red arms and legs she couldn’t feel them anymore she grabbed the razor and stared shaving her legs but her hands were shaking so much it dug deep into her skin , while the water was running but now all the little raindrops coming down on her made her legs hurt but it felt good like all the dirt was poring out of her , like her blood was the very essence of the dirt, she starred down at her wrists and then at the razor “ii .. ii cant do this anymore” just at that moment she heard Lilly shouting “KATY ... Katy were are you ? Katy” Katy starred up at her sister stood at the bathroom door but she was covered so she couldn’t see the blood running down the drain, she starred up at her sister an smiled remembering why she went through all this “Don’t go down stairs” not wanting her to bump into Robert “...just go get dressed and ill be out in a sec” Katy starred up at the only good thing in her life and smiled. It was unbelievable how much she cared for her. The day went by and nothing really happened , her mom and Robert were out so she just spent the day reading books to Lilly.
The next day Katy wore pants to school so nobody could see the deep wound’s in her flesh, none of her friends noticed this even though it was highly unusual they just smiled and greeted her as normal. English was 3rd period Mr Powell saw her and said hi in his usual cheerful voice he noticed her pants and wondered about them about them . He smiled slightly and cheerfully said “Trying a new look?” She smiled but looked down sadly as Mat walked past he kicked her leg by accident , she screamed out in pain from the cuts. Mr Powell Turned his head and looked at her sternly saying ‘He only tripped that couldn’t of hurt that bad’ She starred at the man towering above her not knowing whether to confess the awful truth about her step dad and her mum always being away and her having to watch her little sister 24/7 . No she simply replied ‘Guess I over-reacted’ Shrugged the allegations off and gave a false smile trying to look ‘normal’ , She signed and continued doodling in her book trying to look like the pain on her legs was not real , 30 minutes the pain still didn’t go away she felt like a lion had just dug its claws in her leg and pulled them all – the – way – down .
Home time wasn’t better either. She wandered to St Cliffs Primary school to pick up Hannah. But her little sister was drawing pictures of Katy , Hannah Mummy and .... WHO WAS THIS????! Katy grabbed the picture and ripped it up into as many pieces she could screaming HES NOT PART OF ARE FAMILY ... AND HE NEVER WILL BE !! Hannah jumped back in shock and ran behind her teacher ‘Miss Please calm down,’ Miss Viola sat her down on a chair and turned her soft delicate face to the side to get a glimpse of Katy tomato like face. She took Katy into her arms and rocked her , like a little baby , it took Katy back years ago ... when her mother and father were smiling laughing with a little baby in their arms kissing romantically. They were totally in love. Why couldn’t these times come back ?

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