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Life is so hecktic...

Posted March 1st, 2017 at 08:51 PM by Devinsoccer

Hello VT!

As you well know I have been faily inactive lately, I do have reasons for it though.

One of these reasons was soccer, and that just stopped and I now have mondays and wednesdays to myself.

Another reason is school. School takes up most of a normal teens day. And then you got homework, studying ontop of that.

My last reason is band. I love the trumpet and the trumet loves me,I play a lot and work on my skillz. I have practice twice a week and I'm exausted after both of them.

I have not been able to have some freetime to talk to you amazing people. I hope @Emerald Dream, @Just JT or any of my fellow VT friends miss me cause I miss them.

Life is to short to stress about small things, and I sure nobody wants to stress about anything and that's why VT is together. To help eachother relieve eachothers stress. We stress about so many things, but we don't notice it. There are also things that we notice that we stress about, like gender, sexuality, schoolwork, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends in general, religion and so much more.

Life is filled with ups and downs, its the way we deal with them is what shows who we are as a person. Weither it be going past the stress and acconplishing it or if its smoking and doing other things to procrastinate. One shows that you are a go getter and the latter shows that you want the stress for a longer period of time.

Life is also filled with money. This could go in the category above it, but I chose to put it here. It seems like if you have a lot of money or if you have a little money you tend to smoke more. I just can tell. My really poor friends tend to smoke weed everyday. My rich friends smoke only the finest cigars. If the rich want to spand their money on cigars I wouldn't care, they have the money to do what they want. Its the poor people who rely on the government that really bugs me.

Sorry if I affend people but its a waist of your money to be smoking, if you stop smoking, I would let you complain all you want, but the people who smoke then complain about not being able to support their family, that is BS. Apack of cigs cost ~$5-$10 and they but them 1-5 times a week, that's at least $25 dollars out of their salary which hey only make ~$6/h(240/w) due to taxes for a minimum wage job. If they get SSI, they get $700 a month for doing nothing. I support SSI for people with disabilities or people who are trying and have proof that they are trying to get a job, not for people who don't want to get a job.

Sorry for me rambling, and sorry if I affended anyone, I just wanted to get my honest point accross.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and thankyou for reading my blog!

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